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Heaven Looks a lot Like the Mall Read-O

No description

Allison Fitzpatrick

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Heaven Looks a lot Like the Mall Read-O

By: Wendy Mass It all started with one question. Who are you? Tessa couldn't manage to find the answer to the question, but she soon discovers the answer. We have all been hit by a dodge ball before, and usually when there's a dodge ball flying at you, you try to move. Well not Tessa, Tessa just stood there and a million thoughts were going through her head. The dodge ball hit her and knocked her unconscious. She ended up in a coma and on an adventure. She went to heaven, but she wasn't dead. Tessa arrived at a place that looked a lot like the mall she grew up in! It was very lonely until she met a guy with a nail in his head so she called him "Nail Boy." Nail Boy took her to the lost and found where they found a big bag full of things Tessa previously bought at the mall! Heaven Looks a Lot like the Mall Prezi for Read-O on:
Heaven Looks a lot Like the Mall Project By: Alli Fitzpatrick Inside the Bag
Baby shoe
A Barbie foll in a purple swimsuit
A Princess costume
A white fluffy teddy bear with a red bow around the neck
A yellow plastic cup with a daisy on the side
A box of assorted crayons
A hairbrush
A plastic pencil box with Lisa Simpson on it
A small address book with a rainbow on it
A memo pad with my mom's name on it
A glass bowl
A bicycle horn
A Playboy magazine
A brown plastic barrette
A sticker that says "I gave today"
A pack of Parliament Menthol Lights
A apron that says "Kiss the Cook"
A red bra
A bear slipper
A red t-shirt
A tube of cheesecake-flavored lipgloss
A pair of pink flip flops
A roll of toilet paper
A large cookie
A bottle cap
A pair of ski goggles
A light blue prom dress Each item represented
a special event or time. Through out the book they explain the significance of each of the items. Characters Tessa
Nail Boy
Dad Towards the end of her journey, she wakes up and she is back in the lost and found room. Nail Boy is there with another boy named Jake. Jake doesn't say much but Nail Boy tells Tessa to hurry because there isn't much time left. He takes her to the Chapel and asks her first, "Are you ready to go home" but she really isn't sure. He then asks her,"Do you understand why you had to take your journey? Did you remember the question you had asked yourself in gym?" She replies saying why didn't I duck? She felt she deserved to be hit because she was a bad person and that was part of her consequence. Theme: Characterization:
Tessa is a teenage girl. She is not the most trustworthy, because she steals. She is knocked unconscious by a dodgeball and goes on a big journey. She wakes up in the hospital, and Matt begins to cry. Soon after her parents run in with a doctor who says she can go home soon. She asks Matt about Nail boy, but he's confused and then he walks in except now its just a bandage. Matt and her parents go to get some rest. Nail boy stays with her and explains what he knows and that when he pulled the plug it was just a joke and she wasn't hooked up to it and she only went back in a coma because she wasn't done and she just needs to Sparkle! Kissing Ben Eating the snickers on the roof Time's where Tessa Sparkled Visiting the three-legged cat Trying on makeup with Eliza Swimming in the pond with Naomi Running through the woods at camp Bouncing on the mall trampoline Watching "The Princess Bride" with Matt Shopping for prom dresses Eliza and Stef Touching Nail boy's hand the first time, even if it wasn't real. (was it?) Live life to it's fullest so you don't regret your mistakes later on, cause you can't go back and change them. You are who you are don't be ashamed, accept it and be proud, because it's not going to change. You make mistakes, but everyone does, it's okay. Cherish the good times and don't get hung up on the bad, let the true you come out and sparkle. About the Author: Wendy Mass Wendy Mass was born January 17, 1967, she has won many awards for her books. She has wrote 21 books, so far. Many of them have even been translated into different languages. She is an awesome author and I will be reading more of her books. Quotes: “I bet if you go through the rest of your life telling yourself, "I'm sparkling," you'll have a whole different energy and experience.” “I'm going to tell you a secret. Our lives are shaped by the future, not by the past. Once you decide how you want your life to be, all you need to do is live into that future.” "I wonder, which came first the color orange, or the fruit? And why is orange the only fruit that has to share it's name with it's color? A banana isn't called yellow. It's not fair. If I were an orange I would complain." "I watch mesmerized, as it smacks the blonde girl- not a natural blonde, but you wouldn't know it unless you looked really hard at her roots-squarely on the left side of her head. I watch her neck bend back at a really weird angle. I watch as she falls, not crumpling gracefully like in the movies, but slamming hard on the shinny gym floor. 'I watch the gym teacher yell "stand back" and for someone to get the school nurse. The janitor arrives I guess to wipe up the blood. I know the girl on the floor, the one with her neck bent all weird, I know the girl is me. But I'm to busy soaring toward Heaven to care."
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