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Ch. 17 Americans Move West

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jeremy wold

on 22 May 2018

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Transcript of Ch. 17 Americans Move West

Ch. 17 Americans Move West
Why did more Americans move West?
1. Mining
2. Land
3. Railroads
4. Ranching
1. Mining
Gold and silver were discovered in the West (California and Nevada)
Boom towns- communities that grew suddenly when a mine opened
3. Railroads
Transcontinental Railroad- would cross the continent and connect the east to the west
Leland Stanford of Central Pacific Railroad met up with the Union Pacific Railroad in Utah in 1869 where a golden spike was placed to connect the two
4. Ranching
Cattle Kingdom- the great plains from Texas to Canada where ranchers raised cattle in the late 1800's
Cowboys (25% African American, 12% Hispanic)
Borrowed techniques from Mexican ranch hands (rope and hat)
Cattle Drive- long journeys where cowboys herded cattle to the market or northern plains for grazing
Farmers, not Indians were the greatest enemy
2. Land
Homestead Act of 1862- gave government owned land to small farmers
Any adult who was a U.S. citizen could receive 160 acres as long as they farmed it for 5 years
Attracted many immigrants and African Americans
Increased settlement of the west
Increased trade
Helped make the railroad industry one of the most powerful in the country
Which job would your rather have and why?
Railroad builder
EQ: Why did Americans move West after the Civil War?
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