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Computer Technologies as Mindtools: Knowledge Construction Tools

Joanne, Kristen, Darcy

Darcy Grimes

on 1 April 2011

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Transcript of Computer Technologies as Mindtools: Knowledge Construction Tools

Computer Technologies as Mindtools:
Knowledge Construction Tools Darcy, Kristen, and Joni Learning by Creating and Constructing Students learn by constructing and sharing their own
technology piece with others. Instead of being
given the information, students learn by creating projects. Examples of Projects Students Might Construct Prezi,
Flip Videos,
Photo Story,
Word Processors,
Animation Creation Software Hypermedia a multimedia system in which related items of information are connected and presented together using graphics, audio, video, plain text, hyperlinks Best Ways for Students to
use Knowledge Construction Tools

ITC 5220 - Computers in Educational Settings
Spring 2011 Prezi Flip Video Photo Story Animoto Glogster SMART Notebook PowerPoint Create nonlinear presentations
with images and video clips Design presentations with hyperlinks to video clips & websites; add navigation buttons Create interactive lessons
and games for peers to show
what they have learned and
to teach others Capture high quality
videos and edit to
create your own movie Bring photos to life by adding
your voice,written captions,
excitement with motion, and
original soundtracks.
Word Processors Works Cited Jonassen, D.H., Carr, C., & Yueh, H.P. (1998). Computers as mindtools for engaging learners in critical thinking. TechTrends, 43(2), Retrieved fromhttp://www.ecls.ncl.ac.uk/webprimary/elearning/ICT_Tools%5EComputers%20as%20Mindtools%5Earticle%20by%20Jonassen.pdf
http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/using/digitalphotography/photostory/default.mspx In the process of learning
As a reflection on learning
To build materials that demonstrate connection of new material with prior knowledge
To design products that can show knowledge and teach others Thinking Skills for Knowledge Construction Project Management

Animation Creation Software A variety of tools can be used for creating animations and Apps Create video slideshows to show what they have learned using photos, video clips, and music Create an interactive poster to express knowledge through text, pictures, music, and videos Produce printable material that includes text, graphics, and images that display what has been learned
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