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No description

Thalia Grace

on 9 April 2018

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Transcript of Hurricanes

How Hurricanes are Categorized
By: Eleanor & Nanda
Spiraling storms
High winds
Deadliest hurricane hit Galveston,Texas
40% of the hurricanes hit Florida
Effects of Hurricanes
Stay away from windows
Stay indoors
Stay in basement
Different place if window shatters
Ways to Stay Safe during a Hurricane

Buildings destroyed
Storm Surges
People dying
Trees breaking
Cars being blown off roads
How to Prepare for a Hurricane
Disaster Photos
How Scientists Identify is a Hurricane is Coming
How a Hurricane Forms
Quick and Easy Hurricane Facts
Thanks for watching, and we hope you learned something about hurricanes today!!!!!!
What To Do When The Hurricane Is Over
Look for damage to home
Watch for power lines and pipes
Electrical and appliances dry before turn on
Don't drink water from faucet
Don't refreeze food
Watch for animals
Hurricane Katrina
Katrina was a destructive hurricane
Hit New Orleans
Category 5
3rd strongest to hit U.S.
1,836 people died
706 people are still missing
highest wind speed 174 mph
$100 billion in damage

Category 1
Wind Speed - 74-95 mph
Storm Surges - 4-5 ft
Category 2
Storm Surges - 6-8 ft
Wind Speed - 96-110 mph
Category 3
Wind Speed - 111-130 mph
Storm Surges - 9-12 ft
Category 4

Storm Surges - 13-18 ft
Hurricane Hugo
Meteorologists track using satellites.
Take measurements around the storm
What is a Hurricane?

Board up windows
Bring in outdoor objects
Evacuation Routes
Prepare kit for home and car
Have weather radio handy
Make sure car has gas
How to Prepare For a Hurricane; Part 2
Hurricane Hugo was category 5
Hit many islands
$10 billion damage
100,000 people homeless
Ranks as the 11th deadliest
Formed on September 9, 1989
Dissipated on September 25, 1989
Highest wind speed 167
Formed near Cape Verde Islands
Fun Facts
Hurricane Hugo spawned Hurricane Raymond
people fly in hurricanes
Hurricanes are classified into 5 categories,

Names can be retired

Retired names Katrina, Andrew, Mitch

Hurricane on Jupiter bigger than Earth

Hurricane on Jupiter for 300 years

Hurricanes spin counter-clockwise

Eye wall is most destructive
Fun Facts; Part 2
Eye's weather is calm
10,000 people die
Bhola Cyclone killed 300,000
storm with violent winds
usually in the Caribbean

Hurricane Categorization
Wind Speed - 131-155 mph
Category 5
Storm Surges - >18 ft
Wind Speed - >156 mph
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