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Forbidden Sea

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Transcript of Forbidden Sea

Forbidden Sea Joel Nguyen
Per. 7/8 Summary Characterization Theme Tension Evaluation Conflict Author While trying to save her younger sister from dangerous ocean waves, Adrianne gets stratched by a mermaid and if left with swollen scars that never heal. Adrianne is constantly trying to resist the mermaid's calls. Soon, she realizes that the mermaid will stop at nothing to take her into the ocean, so she goes out to meet the mermaid. The mermaid takes her into the sea and explains that she has been chosen to marry the sea prince because the people of the land don't recognize her greatness. Though she is enthralled by her new surroundings, she realizes that her friends and family need her, and she needs them. Ultimately, she chooses to return home to her family. Adrianne
Sole provider for her family
Frail and Fragile
Has little self-confidence Man vs. Man There is tension between Adrianne and her Auntie Minnah because Auntie Minnah is always blaming Adrianne when things go wrong, and she tries to make Adrianne's job miserable. Even though Auntie Minnah can be malicious and despicable, Adrianne realizes why Auntie Minnah acts this way, so she can't bring herself to hate her aunt. I would give this a 9/10
because the beginning was boring. Sheila A. Nielson was born in San Jose, California. She lived there until she attended Brigham Young University, where she got her BFA in children’s illustration. While attending college, she obtained her dream job of being a children’s librarian. In addition to being a librarian, she also writes books, one of which is The Forbidden Sea. Man vs. Self Auntie Minnah
Malicious and unfair
Blames Adrianne whenever something goes wrong I would recommend this book to anyone
who likes fantasy books. Relationships change over time.
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