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Sustainable finance; the India diesel engine case

example case of sustainable finance challenges in fuel efficiency projects in India

Jan Nederstigt

on 20 May 2015

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Transcript of Sustainable finance; the India diesel engine case

CO2 support model
Annual operating hours
Original fuel consumption
Relative saving
Absolute saving
C02 produced per liter diesel
C02 saved per pump/hr
C02 saved per pumpset/year

200 hours
1 l/hr
0,3 L/hr
2,68 kg/l
0,80 kg/hr
0,16 ton/yr
1 CER (1 ton CO2) = € 15,00
--> € 2,40 / year
The mistris
local private sector
West Bengal Fuel efficiency
the pay-back model
PRACTICA India cases
the technology
€ 7
the figures
the finances
pay-back model:
running 200 hrs / year
saving 60 liters / year
current diesel price € 0,62 / liter
saving € 37,20 / year
sustainable finance models for agriculture
productive use
Salt farmers in Gujarat
choosing the appropriate technology
The salt farmer
getting your finance model sustainable is getting your figures right
data collection
close cooperation with the private sector to make the appropriate technology available
the current technology
earning some money
get you financial data right
understand your customer
make your solution appropriate
involve the local private sector
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