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The Mohawks

No description

Gabby Bourne

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of The Mohawks

By Gabby Bourne Where did they live How is the Mohawks indian nation organized Way of life They lived in long houses.
Which were largewood-frame buildings
covered by sheats of elm bark The Mohawk tribe had a tribal council chosen by the Mohawk clan mothers but the Mohawks where also subject to the decisions of the Iroquois Great Council. shelter The Mohawks How to pronounce Mohawk and what dose it mean? It's "Mo-hawk." It's a name their Algonkian enemies call them, meaning "man-eaters."in their language. Where they really man eaters It's not clear if the name was real or just a mean name They originally lived in new york but a lot of them retreated to Canada in 1700 Way of life for the kid They do the same things all kids do,play with each other,go to school and help around the house. Lots of Mohawk kids loved to go hunting and fishing with there dads,in the past,the would have more chores and not much time to play. Way of for men and women Mohawk Men were in charge of hunting,trading, and war. The Women were in charge of farming, property, and family. Clothing Clothing Food The men wore breech cloths with leggings they originally did not where shirts For Men For Woman Woman wore wraparound skirts and shorter leggings.They also wore an overdress They where farming people.
The Woman planted crops of corn,beans, and squash and collected wild berries and herbs.
The men hunted deer,elk, and fished for fish s The Canada flag A Mohawk Warrior A Mohawk tribe mother
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