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Gun Laws

No description

Heather Duran

on 31 December 2017

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Transcript of Gun Laws

How many people are shot o-r killed in a day
Against Gun
How much gun violence is there in the U.S?
Why Should Guns be Banned?
Sandy Hook School shooting
Guns are used for crimes by criminals
What's the point?
Trust the authorities
Children aren't kept away
Website links:
What is the Second Amendment?
"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."
When was the 2nd amendment made?

It was passed by Congress in September 25, 1789
Why was it made?
-This was added to one of our amendments so we can secure our own weapons

-It helped the U.S citizen to legally own a gun for hunting purposes and to protect themselves from threat
-There is a lot of violence.
-More than 100,000 people in the U.S get shot.
we dem bois
How many homicides are committed with guns?
More than 9,000 homicides.
-Owned guns to kill a family member, neighbor, strangers etc.

More than 200 people get shot.
How many people die in a year by guns?
There are more than 100 thousand deaths each year due to guns.
The 2nd amendment was ratified in December 15, 1791



Every Handgun Is Aimed at You-Josh Sugarman
Can Gun Control Work?-James B. Jacobs
What guns are banned in California
"Study: States with more gun laws have less gun violence"
States with more gun laws like Massachusetts had a 3.4 gun death rate per 100,000 people while in Alaska. a state with fewer laws, had a 18 gun death rate per 100,000 people
"A single consumer product holds our nation hostage: the handgun. We live our lives in the shadow of the unparalleled lethality of these easy concealable firearms. This permanent state of fear has became so accepted that we rarely acknowledge it. "-Josh Sugarman,
Every Handgun Is Aimed at You
"Guns present a tougher regulatory challenge than drugs because they are more widely used and are more politically acceptable."-James B. Jacobs,
Can Gun Control Work?
The Mulford Act
The Mulford Act is a bill that the governor Ronald Reagan signed.Is a bill that not all people could buy a gun.
The Bill was signed by governor Ronald Reagan in 1967.
Why was the Mulford Act Signed.
The reason the Bill was signed was because they thought it can stop the Black Panther Party.
After, the Mulford Act was Signed the Black Panther started to protest.
The Black Panthers and the Rights to Bear Arms
On May 2,1967 The Black Panther invaded the California state house.
Trump signs bill allowing to mentally ill people have gun.
There is an estimate that 75,000 people with mental disorders for them to own a gun.
Trump signs repeal Obama's Social Security Gun Ban
The reason President Trump repeal Obama's Social Security Gun Ban is because People with Mental Issues are prohibit to own a gun.
What states ban Guns?
These are some states that ban guns:
Washington D.C
New Jersey
New York
What is the percentage of people that want gun laws banned?
46 percent of the population wants guns to be banned.

Semi-automatic guns or assault rifles are banned in California. The website I used was www.guns.com
Which types of guns are banned in California?
Semi-automatic firearms could not be sold in California.

Made by
Ivan Montoya
Carlos Perez
Gonzalo De Lara
Aquiaz Rodriguez
Juan Sanchez
*Heather Duran
.On a average day 93 Americans are shot and killed with a gun
Types of guns that cant be carried out in public .
Seven children and teens are killed with a gun on a average day
Why are we against Guns?
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