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Faizan Qureshi

on 10 February 2013

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Transcript of Fairtrade

Fair Trade By
Faizan Qureshi Introduction Fair Trade is an world-wide independant organisation devoted in helping third world countries. It was formed in 1992 Christian Aid, CAFOD, the World Development Movement,Traidcraft, Oxfam and the National Federation of Women’s Institutes.
Their aim is to provide sustainable devevlopment, reduce poverty and offer a better lifestyle for LEDC's and LIC's through fairer trade; mostly with individuals. Fairtrade Fair Trade is basically making trade fairer. For example, making prices better for the producers who barely get a quarter of the products, end of sale price. Not just that but its also to make the food produced child labor free; decent working conditions; local sustainability; and fair terms of trade for farmers/workers in developing countries. Fair trade also try to help producers to reduce the environmental issues involved with their products. Making them more eco-friendly. They also notify the buyer whether child labour is used in the making of the products. What do they do? How it works? Impact on the lives What will become
of it? Basically the way that Fair Trade works is it sets a criteria which both the buyers and producers have to follow, but they are still in direct contact with each other. If they don't follow the procedures then they are investigated and could be fined or prosecuted, as well as having lots of time taken up and losing customers. Some of these rules that the buyers and producers have to comply with are healthy work environments, worker safety, health standards, to promote human rights, and finally if they find any problems to work to improve them. Fair Trade have improved the wages of many... many farmers
and individuals within the countries who need it, as well as their working conditions and hours, malnourishment numbers, access to education, health facilities and jobs. They have also invested in machinery, water supplies, electricity and making countries more economically developed. Moreover, they have provided countries with money to pay off debts and to create a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.Furthermore, children our age have been liberated from their life of torment, doing work fit for adults under sweltering condition with a lack of food; to make others gain a profit, and not them who do all the work. Fairtrade are a selfless company who put others well-being very high, therefore I think Fairtrade will last as long as they are needed within the world. Although Fairtrade have limited resources it will always have strong supporters like themselves vowed to help the needy, and ready to help at a minutes notice. They are also hoping to work with more schools, town and organize more charity events. So their future is a promising one. Video
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