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Ferdinand Magellan

No description

Kareena Bhatoey

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Ferdinand Magellan

Ferdinand Magellan
A brave, kind, noble and strong-hearted European explorer!!!
Though Magellan died before the voyage was completed, he is often credited with the first circumnavigation of the earth as he initially led the voyage. He also discovered what is now called the Strait of Magellan, named the Pacific Ocean, and South America's Tierra del Fuego. Magellanic Clouds in space were also named for him, as his crew was the first to view them while sailing in the Southern Hemisphere.
Ferdinand Magellan was really brave. I think that he shouldn't have died the way he did. He did alot of things to help the first nations and many Europeans. It isn't fair that he died due to the fact that he was misunderstood.
His Route!:
My Website Bibliography
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My Book Bibliography
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Magllen's Life
Funding and Support
Magellan was funded by King Charles I of spain. He wasn't too sure about his decision but when he found out magellan had died he didnt care too much about his money at the point.
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Interesting Facts
Early Life
Did You Know?
Unfortunatly Magellans parents died when he was a young age of 12
Ferdinand was raised in a farmhouse.
Magellan got a job as a royal page when he was 12.
Ferdinand was still very young when Christopher Columbus found the "New World".
His boats were called:
There were prisoners on Magellan's crew.
While Serving in Morocco, he got injured and ended up with a permanent limp.
He got free education due to his job as a page.
He studied advanced geograhy, cartography, and navigation.
All of the discoveries starting from way before Columbus inspired him to be an explorer.
Magellan was the first explorer to lead an expedition around the world.
Ferdinand died due to a poison arrow that sruck him in the foot.
Ferdinand named the pacific ocean. It means peacefullness.
An Italian named Antonio Pigtetta sailed into spain on the replica of the Victoria.
Magellan is known to be the first person to ever circumnavigate the whole world.
The Victoria
The Trinidad
San Antonio
Sailors ate raw saw dust to survive
The King Of Portugal sent boats out to try to stop Magellan, But was unsuccessful.
A replica of the victoria was built. It was filled with everything that would have been in the real boat. An Italian named Antonio Pigetta sailed into spain in 2004.
Today Ferdinand would have been 533 years old!
His Portugese name is Fernao de Magelhaas.
The Importance of His Exploration!
Ferdinand Magellan was born in 1480 in Sabrosa, Portugal to Rui de Magalhaes and Alda de Mesquita. Because his family had bonds to the royal family, Magellan became a page to the Portuguese queen after his parents' untimely deaths in 1490. This allowed him the opportunity to become educated and learn about the various Portuguese exploration expeditions- possibly even those conducted by Christopher Columbus.
Ferdinand Magellan was the first European explorer to ever circumnavigate the world. That means he was the first to ever sail all around the world.On March 28, they landed in the Philippines and befriended a tribal king, Rajah Humabon of Cebu Island. After spending time with the king, Magellan and his crew were persuaded into helping the tribe kill their enemy Lapu-Lapu on Mactan Island. On April 21, 1521, Magellan took part in the Battle of Mactan and was killed by Lapu-Lapu's army.
Most important to geography though, was Magellan’s realization of the full extent of the earth- something that significantly aided in the development of later geographic exploration and the resulting knowledge of the world today.
The natives in Homonhon Island where Ferdinand Magellan and his men first landed where used to seeing strangers. Ferdinand Magellan and his men were met pleasantly and given a taste of Philippine hospitality-food in large amounts. They were also welcome in Cebu, which was ruled by Datu Humabon. Datu Humabon and his family were the first native that change to Roman Catholicism.
However, Datu Lapu-Lapu, the chief of Mactan Island, did not welcome Ferdinand Magellan and his men when he came to know of their strategy of changing natives to Roman Catholicism first so it would be easy to eventually control them politically. Datu Lapu-Lapu and his men met Ferdinand Magellan and his men with arrows and spears when they came to Mactan Island. Ferdinand Magellan died in this fight, popularly known as the Battle of Mactan. The rest of his men retreated.
Some of his accomplishments are trading spice with the first nations and leading the first expedition around the whole world. The only few first nations that were actually impacted by the arrival of Ferdinand were Datu Lapu-Lapu and his army. The rest of the first nations were used to new people so it didn't bother them much.
Prezi by, Kareena
My Thoughts:
Thanks For Watching!
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