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A Story retold by R.K. Narayan

Zac Cagle

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Ramayana

Ramayana This story was about a man named Ravana and a man named Rama. In this story Ravana was at war with Rama. Rama had attacked the city that Ravana lived in and Ravana was. The gods in heaven noticed that Ravana's determined move and felt Rama would need all the support they could muster up. Ravana went down to his chamber to prepare himself for war. He had a ritual bath and preformed special prayers to gain the bendiction of Shiva; donned his battle dress, matchless armour, armlets, and crowns. Ravana summoned his chariot. The gods noticed Ravana's determined move and felt that Rama would need all the support they coud muster. They requested Indra to send down his chariot for Rama's use. Rama was imperssed with the chariot. Rama thought that the chariot sent to him was a trap but he recived it anyway. By R.K. Narayan Rama did his own perparing for battle, he fasented his sword, slug two quivers full of rare arrows over his shoulder, and climbed into his chariot. They both had there battle plans Ravana ordered his charioteer to speed ahead, but Rama told his not to hurry. During a battle they used gods to help them. Ravana was weakening in sprit. He was sure he had been beat. Rama used one final weapon, after much thought he decided to use Brahmastra.
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