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A hero's journey: Tangled

No description

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of A hero's journey: Tangled

A hero's journey: Tangled
Step's of a Hero's Journey
Ordinary world: Staying in the tower.
Call to Adventure: When Rapunzel locks up Flynn she feels strong enough to go outside the tower and follow her dreams to go see the lanterns.
Refusal of the call: When Rapunzel does not want to go because it will upset her mother.
Acceptance of the call: Flynn tells her, he will just take her back to the tower. She refused to go back. Fully accepting the call they began they are journey together.
Crossing the threshold: When she entering into the Snuggly Ducky, a new scary world.
Supernatural aid: Rapunzel's hair
Belly of the Whale: Flynn and Rapunzal are about to drown n the rock cave.

Step's of a Hero's Journey
The Temptress
: Gothel
Road of trials
: Going to the kingdom/ hanging out in the kingdom.
The ultimate boon
: seeing the lanterns
: Flynn and Rapunzel realize they love each other.
Refusal of the return
: She does not want to believe Flynn ran away with the crown.
Crossing the return Threshold
: Rapunzel returning home with Gothel.
Mastery of two worlds
: Rapunzel realizes she is the lost princess.
Freedom to live
: The fight between Rapunzel and Gothel.
is the swashbuckler, looking for adventure outside the tower to go see the lanterns.

is the bad boy, he is dangerous and a thief.

is the Tyrant, she will do anything to keep Rapunzel for her hair to stay forever young.

is the best friend, he is always there to cheer Rapunzel up, encourages her to do what is right and never lets her give up.
They lived happily ever after
A monomyth is a term Joseph Campbell came up with that points out the patterns that a hero’s journey follows.
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