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Developing Empathy and Reponsabilty in Teens

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Trina Bozeman

on 28 September 2017

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Transcript of Developing Empathy and Reponsabilty in Teens

Developing Empathy and Responsibility In Teens
Empathy is the foundation for developing responsibility in adults
Healthy Adults
Thank you for coming please
join us on
September 28th
Tiffany Maas
will present
Dealing with Technology
Risks and Benefits
(Emotional Intelligence)
in Adolescents is a Predictor of Social Competence in Adults
The number one reason why we teach empathy to develop responsibility is...
People who exhibit emotional intelligence, will be more likely to take responsibility for their behavior and act in a way that recognizes the needs of others.
So How Do We Teach Empathy
#1 Teach them to identify their own experiences and behaviors

Identify how they feel

Why they do or say things

What impact it has on them

What impact it might have on others
So they will better understand the needs of others around them
They will learn to care more about how others wish to be treated
They will understand how their behaviors are seen by others and how they impacts the way they are viewed
They will understand non-verbal cues and will learn to better communicate their needs and point of view in an appropriate way.
They will be better managers of conflict
They will be better equipped to motivate or lead others
They will have a broader understanding of the world and others around them
Expressing concern for their feeling.

Take responsibility for our actions when we are wrong

Apologize when we are wrong and modeling how to correct mistakes

Label and identify feeling of others when the opportunity is present
#3 We Teach Empathy when Disciplining Our Children
When processing a behavior ask your teen to identify how they felt
during the behavior
when they were caught
Ask them to identify how they think their behavior impacted the others around them
Those involved
How it impacts you or other in the home.
Doing the things we are supposed to do, and accepting the positive or negative outcome of our actions.
Teach our teens what it means to be responsible.
Ways to teach
Let Them Help You
Give them chores
around the home .
This teaches them
life skills and helps
them take ownership
in the home they
live in

Teach them to do things for themselves
Cleaning the bathroom
Cleaning their own
Avoid Rewards
Teach intrinsic motivation
praise them but do not
give rewards to your child for
doing what they
Provide Structure
Provide a routine
Provide clear expectations
Teach them to prioritize their responsibilities and their interest

Keep Expectations
Middle School Child
Should be able to keep up with their own homework but do not understand its value or weight on their grade
Follow up with them.
Ask about homework nightly / check it
Check grades for missing work and encourage them to complete and turn it in
Middle grades children are still developing study skill
Study with your child for test
Teach them to ask for help if they not
understand something
Dealing with Mistakes and Accidents
Even unintentional behaviors or accidents have consequences and sometimes those consequences are uncomfortable.
Help them to accept their mistakes by allowing them to see you taking responsibility for your own mistakes
Show empathy for their consequences but do not rescue them from them
Let natural consequences occur if they
forget to do something let them work it out.
So Why this is important?

Teaching Empathy and skills for responsibility today will lead to healthier relationships, careers and lives in the future

Why Model Empathy to
Teens ?
#2 We Model Empathy
How do we model empathy?
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