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Hurricane Sandy

No description

Alex Sharpe

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of Hurricane Sandy

Transportation Some people chose not to evacuate before the storm came.
Transportation was limited because of flooding and overall storm damage Emergency vehicles had to come to escort people out of places that had flooded or had been damaged In this major storm, three different storms came together and formed one giant storm. It covered a 800 mile damage zone and winds got up to 104 mph. Hurricane Sandy What is a Hurricane? A hurricane is an intense, rotating oceanic weather system that possesses maximum sustained winds exceeding 74 mph, that forms and intensifies over tropical oceanic regions. Destruction Throughout the storm, lots of wind and rain
poured over the states. Places like New York
and New Jersey got hit hard by the storm.
Great amounts of wind and flood damage
occurred. Basically the entire state of New
York and about 75% of New Jersey were out of power. People without Power:

est: 6,000,000 People The Big Clean Up Critical signal systems that prevent train collisions will need to be evaluated. The segments of wiring that detect trains along every part of a track, connections to the signals, and connections to control rooms will all need to be cleaned of salt water, which can cause corrosion, and tested for damage. Power to propel the trains is conducted through the electrified third rail of the tracks, which were shut off ahead of the storm. The rails will have to be cleaned of corrosive salt water deposits and inspected for damage before power is restored. As the Hurricane calms down, the people
still have a major problem; that is to get
rid of all the trash. Many volunteers and
emergency personnel have started
"rebuilding the states." Most people need transportation to get to their jobs.
While the cabs and subways are shut down,
it makes getting to work impossible. Until
power is restored, the cities are at a stand still. (Frankenstorm) The Political Impact The upcoming election,
will be dramatically impacted
because of the lack of transportation
and utility services. Because of the
impact of the hurricane, voting turnout
is expected to be reduced.
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