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Behavior Therapy: Classical Conditioning Therapies

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Lynn Luckenbaugh

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of Behavior Therapy: Classical Conditioning Therapies

Behavior therapy is a form of psychotherapy based on the principles of behavioral learning
What is behavior therapy?
Behavior Therapy: Classical Conditioning Therapies
Behavior therapy aims to replace problem behaviors with more effective behavior patterns
Classical Conditioning
Operant Conditioning
Observational Learning
Type of Therapy Used
Mary Cover Jones
Peter let rabbit sit on his lap
Joseph Wolpe
Relax to extinguish fears
Which psychologists are associated with this approach?
Problem behaviors are the cause of problems this therapy aims to correct
Many causes of problem behaiors
Identifying the cause is the therapist's first task
Where do mental problems originate?
The goal of this type of therapy is to determine how problem behaviors have been learned and eliminate them to replace them with more effective behaviors
What are the major goals of this type of therapy?
Systematic Desensitization
Anxiety is extinguished by exposing patient to anxiety-provoking stimulus
Exposure Therapy
Patient directly confronts stimulus
Aversion Therapy
Presenting attractive stimulus with unpleasant stimulus in order to condition revulsion
What are the major methods used as a part of this approach?
Behavior Disorders
Anxiety Disorders
Which disorders are best treated via this approach?
Marine helicopter pilots
Created anxiety hierarchy starting with ordering parts and ending with landing
Patient visualized scenes while in a state of relaxation
The patient took a flight after moving through the whole list
After six months the treatment was found to be successful
Case Study
Current Event
YouTube Video
Works Cited
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Lynn Luckenbaugh
Systematic desensitization was very important in 1960s and 1970s
Hypothesis: The number of studies of this topic are declining
Method: Took several different journals and counted change in number of articles on topic over time
Result: Research of this topic is declining
This shows that this is an old topic and is not being developed and improved at a fast rate today
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