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BEST Autumn 2010

No description

Marosin Diana

on 12 May 2010

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Transcript of BEST Autumn 2010

Flying High, Diving Deep Clouds, Pirates and the Island of Paxos - the Hitchhiker's Guide to Distributed Computing, Reloaded what will you do when all leaves fall down? 12 BEST Courses 2 Leisure Events Barcelona - Clouds, Pirates and the Island of Paxos - the Hitchhiker's Guide to Distributed Computing: Reloaded Stuttgard - Ergonomics and Soft-Skills Izmir - Squeeze Me,
Stomp Me,
Make Me Wine ! Messina - Surviving the aggressions, designing the Super Building in Sicily Naples - MAGMAGEDDON in Naples: rock with the BEST or roll like the rest! Riga - Super Gear is Almost Here! Rome - All the sustainable ways lead to Rome: change habits to change habitat. Trondheim - Mining Your Own Business -The value chain of mineral extraction Turin - Green Inside: where production meets sustainability Valladolid - WineIsNobleElixir: Diving into the Secrets of Wine Zaporizhzhya - Lost in Crimea Ankara - beCRAZY: From deep down under the Sea to the Sky! Ekaterinburg - Incredible adventures of Europeans in Asia: let's meet the Sun 1. Visit www.BEST.eu.org/courses
2. Create a user account or log in
3. Choose up to 3 events
4. Click the “Apply” button
5. Write your motivation letters
6. contact your Local BEST Group How to apply ? Milan - Nature as Muse: innovation to use!
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