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Copy of Service Marketing Case Study (University)

TGI Fridays

Tyson West

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Service Marketing Case Study (University)

The Case Study
What is meant by a critical incident? How can T.G.I. Friday’s identify what constitutes a critical incident and assess whether it has achieved customer satisfaction?
Analyse the service interaction process at T.G.I. Friday’s based on the following concepts/models: ‘blueprinting’, ‘servicescapes’,’ cyberscape’ ’servuction’, ‘service experience’, ‘service quality’ and ‘service failure/recovery’.
Evaluate the different types of service technologies used by T.G.I. Friday’s. How successful was T.G.I. Friday’s Social Media Campaign?
- Woody Campaign 2009
Caitlin Briody, Christo Joseph, Rosa Lisboa, Blandine Malonda, Ana Rodrigues and Faisal Al abdulkarim

Both are solely conducted on the basis of achieving/sustaining THE CONSUMER's ENTERTAINMENT/INTEREST.

'Acheivable by careful and prudent management of the actors/employees expressive behaviour & physical setting of occurance.'
(Stephen J. Grove and Raymon P. Fisk)
Success dependent on those 'on stage' - Both support a CASTING SYSTEM.
What are the connections between Theatre and T.G.I. Friday’s? Is the dramaturgical analogy a good one? Why?
‘Personal Front’ (Goffman, 1959) is critical to TGI Friday’s theatrical setting. The actors manner, appearance, ability and overall dedication to enact their service role performance properly is key


'Can add tangibility to a service' (Berry 1980).

Both use their actors/employees to make their service more tangible by evoking emotion and creating memories.
TGI FRIDAY'S performance is more than just "carrying plates". The employees are playing a role.
Uniform, cocktail shakers and notepads as props to help provide a ‘stimulating environment'

'New York Casual Dining' Ambience assisted through decor
'Critical incidents are specific encounters between customers and service employees that are especially satisfying or dissatisfying to one or both parties' (Lovelock et Al 1999)
TGI's attempt to create a POSITIVE critical incident so that consumers formulate a memorable favoured attitude towards the restaurant and are therefore likely to return.
Personal communication
Social Media/Website
Feedback cards

Provides a way to break the service into logical components and to show the steps or tasks in the process so staffs can relate to the service viewed as an integrated whole thus reinforcing a customer- oriented focus between employees.
The T.G.I Fridays has incorporated a blue print that is meant to capture the emotions of the consumer, physical evidence, customer actions, employees actions, back stage employee actions and support systems. This model helps generate and identify key factors that lead to deficiency in meeting customer expectations.
Links the consumer processes with the service system and reflects the interaction that takes place. It is represented in blue prints and service maps showing the consumer processes in relation to the service processes allocation of resources and the coordination of the management.
Service Blueprint at TGI's
- Service Technologies Used By T.G.I

- (POS) point of sale stations
- Location bases Mobile App Campaign

- "Make it a Premium Night Campaign"
Social Media Campaign
Was it Successful ?

Positives Negatives
* Creating Buzz * Disappointed Customers
* Viral (WOM) * Ending the Campaign
Any successful social media campaign should be an “On Going Process” and not have an end date since at its core, the involvement is about nurturing customer relationships (Business Week 2010)
The impact of physical Surroundings on customers and employees. (Mary Jo Bitner, 1982)
The ability of the physical surroundings to facilitate achievement of organizational as well as marketing goals is explored.
The ambience of servicescape affects delivery models in interpersonal services by influencing employees’ approach to customers, customer behavior and the level of interaction between the two inter-dependent forces.
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