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Six Things the Government Controls

No description

will delong

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Six Things the Government Controls

Six Things the Government Controls
Six Things the Government Controls
By: Dursun, Jahcob, and Will
1) Maintaining Legal and Social Framework
~ Create laws and provide courts, provide information and services to help economy function better, established a monetary system, define and enforce property rights.
Providing Public Goods and Services
~ Provide goods and services that markets are unable or unwilling to provide, such as national defense.
Maintaining Competition
~ Create and enforce antitrust laws; regulate natural monopolies.
Correcting for Externalities
~ An example of the government doing this is taxing the people.
~ Another example of this is like separating private properties for individuals and businesses.
~Last example for this is creating cour
~ An example of this is that the Police will come even if you don't pay Taxes.
~ Another example of this idea is making roads and infrastructure
~ One example of this is AT&T controlling the local home phone market.
~ A monopoly is when one business can regulate prices and control an industry.
~ Another example is a government giving out subsidies to support a business or market.
~ An externality is something that effects things outside of a market.
Stabilizing the Economy
~ Uses the government's budgets and/or the money supply to promote economic growth, control inflation, and reduce unemployment.
Redistributing Income
~ High income tax for rich
~ Provide Social Security
~ Medicare
~ Medicaid
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