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Denise Orr

on 18 September 2012

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by: Denise Orr, Daisy Martinez, and Scott Torres COMPETITION: PLAN: CHANGE: HISTORY: Blockbuster was founded by David Cook in 1985.

First Blockbuster opened in Dallas, Texas

Cooks Data Services

In 1987 Wayne Huizenga bought the company.

In only three years Blockbuster had grown dramatically,
from 130 to 1,500 stores.

Expansion Blockbuster has had a number of CEO’s dance in and out of the company since 1985:
Wayne Huizenga (1987-1994)
Steven Berrard (1994-1996)
Bill Fields (1996-1997)
John Antioco (1997-2007)
James Keyes (2007-2011)
Michael Kelly (2011-present)
Improve and Increase Advertising
Get people to remember Blockbuster
Easier access
Create something new
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