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2007 Tuberculosis Scare

Background information on Andrew Speaker Demographic information, his entry into the healthcare system, and why was he leaving the country and where was he going?

James Gonzalez

on 27 August 2010

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Transcript of 2007 Tuberculosis Scare

Demographics His Intro to the
Healthcare System Why did he leave the country??
And Where did he go?? Andrew Speaker
the 2007 TB Scare Atlanta personal-injury lawyer
US Naval Academy drop out
Attended UGA, undergrad in finance
Attended UGA, grad in law
31 years old
caucasian male In January 2007 he sustained a fall
that caused severe bruising of some
of his ribs, while at the hospital x-rays
taken by doctors revealed a hiddened
disease later confirmed as tuberculosis He left the United States in order to
have his wedding on an exotic island
in Greece followed by a honeymoon of all honeymoons in Rome! Doing the duration of his out of country
trip he traveled through multiple countries
increasing the risk of spreading his TB to the
people he traveled with and around. Atlanta, georgia Denver, colorado rome, italy thera and myokonos Islands, greece prague, czech republic paris, france montreal,canada BY:
James Gonzalez, Caleb May
Nigel Rouse Upon Arrival Back To The States His Wife Was Seen With A New Look!
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