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L2L Messaging and Influence

No description

Melissa Mellor

on 12 August 2010

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Transcript of L2L Messaging and Influence

Part of $50 million ad campaign
Overpromising "solutions"
Can't compete with reality
These things matter:
Delivery (tone and spokesperson)
Honesty and transparency
Word choice
Gulf Spill Case Study Consider the Context Whole Child Case Study Problem: Lacking buy in from various audiences on the value of a whole child approach to education. Out of 30 commenters on the Edweek article and Joanne Jacobs blog post.... Goal: Improve understanding of why a whole child education is important and how it's delivered, ultimately increasing buy in among various audiences for this approach. Effective employees Whole child education is not an add-on, or something that exists outside the core academic curriculum. It’s an approach that ensures we meet students’ diverse needs so they are ready to learn. A child who is sick or hungry can’t learn. A child who is bullied will have trouble concentrating in class. And a child who is ignored or bored might not even show up at school. In short, if we don’t meet students’ basic needs, we jeopardize their ability to learn and we make educators’ jobs even more difficult. Supporting the whole child requires us to draw on the collective expertise and resources of schools, community organizations, families, businesses, and the public. It isn’t the responsibility of schools alone. 1. The What 2. The Why 3. The How As a parent, you know that if your child gets the flu or is being bullied, she or he will find it much more difficult to learn. Supporting your child’s varied needs won’t distract schools from teaching the basics. Instead, meeting these needs will help your child learn even the most challenging concepts. Supporting a whole child approach that involves school-community partnerships is a cost-effective way to raise graduation rates, improve community health, reduce crime, and prepare students for postsecondary education and the workforce. Same general message, different self-interests... believe supporting the whole child is outside of the school’s responsibility

believe whole child education could water down instruction or pull schools’ focus away from core academics

demonstrated some understanding of the whole child approach (either its value or how it's implemented)
12 8 12 Messaging for all What core problem or opportunity is your constituent group, school or district, or organization currently facing? What is your communications goal that will help you address your problem or maximize your opportunity? What key audiences do you need to reach to meet your communications goal? What messages will resonate with your audiences? Where do your key audiences go to get their information? What is BP's goal for this commerical?

Who's the audience?

Does it work? Information Communications Vehicles Audiences Messaging Timing April 20: Deepwater Horizon Explosion, Beginning of Oil Spill
Early May: BP began to admit responsibility
June 3: CEO apology commercial aired
BPGlobalPR twitter channel CEO Tony Hayward's prior insensitivity
Oil spill "relatively tiny"
"I want my life back" Spokesperson's reputation Company's credibility What can we learn from BP? Always keep your audience in mind. 1. 2. “Paying attention to more than test scores is very important, but it sounds to me like Washington wants to replace parents. We don’t need public schools to address every need of every child, we only need them to educate children on the basics. Let parents take care of the rest.” Policy Analyst
“How about before giving schools extra responsibilities for extra services, we make sure that they’re satisfying their current ones. I see no point in all these extra services if current schools are failing at their most basic job of teaching academics.” "The mission of the schools should be to provide a well-rounded education, and that to me includes instruction in the arts and physical fitness. What is new is the ‘mission creep’ to provide support services that don’t have anything to do with education. Dental and mental health services may be important, but they shouldn’t be the schools’ responsibility." Parent "I'm concerned that the emphasis on 'the whole child' will move beyond measures to ensure basic physical and psychological welfare to include measures that require students to spend even more of their time working in groups; writing about their personal feelings; making dioramas for language arts, posters for science, and illustrations for math problems..." Parent Read, read, read
Identify your local education reporters
Develop an open, cooperative relationship
Talk to the readers, not the reporter
Submit op-eds and letters to the editor

Audience-specific messaging The Problem: Alberta Canada's West Meadow Elementary School needed a better way to communicate with parents. The monthly newsletter was too infrequent to keep parents engaged and to alert them in a timely fashion about developing and changing plans and activities. Point A
(You) Point B
(Your Audience) The Solution: The weekly Principal's Update. One way (sometimes) Risks & Rewards Conversation (sometimes) Traditional Media To Do's Social Networking To Do's Read, read, read
Identify influencers
Only type things you would say in person
Address dissenters on a case-by-case basis
Engage in conversation and get personal!

Jsbeals: @OldSpice Can U Ask my girlfriend to marry me? Her name is Angela A. Hutt-Chamberlin #Johannes S. #Beals It is well done and it appeals to peoples' egos - but there is something more, too. It feels very personalized, even if it wasn't directed at you. Those people that got responses, and many people who didn't, have Tweeted, Facebooked and otherwise shared links to the videos back out across their social networks. Marshall Kirkpatrick, Read Write Web OldSpice: Today could be just like the other 364 days you log into twitter, or maybe the Old Spice man shows up @OldSpice. July 13 Similar calls put out on several social networking channels More than 180 personalized video responses to celebrities, influencers, and random people were posted in real-time Messaging and Influence
ASCD's Leader to Leader Event
July 23, 2010 Melissa Mellor
ASCD Communications Specialist
703-575-5637 #L2L10 Tools and Vehicles The Problem: Manitoba ASCD's Board needed a better way to share information and communicate with each other. Meanwhile, it was difficult for board members living in rural areas to attend all board meetings. The Solution: The Manitoba ASCD wiki. The Problem: Massachusetts ASCD needed to share information and announcements with members without inundating their inboxes and risk getting tuned out.
The Solution: Insert announcements at the top of the very popular weekly job postings email. Melissa Mellor
twitter.com/ASCD Schools can forge partnerships with community organizations that have the expertise and resources to address students’ health needs, provide them with afterschool opportunities, and expose them to real world learning experiences that complement the learning that happens in schools and classrooms. Traditional Media Intervening audience
Social Networking Personalized and direct Happy, healthy, smart kids Satisfied constituents Key Audiences Parents
Educators Conditions that make it easier to do their jobs well Students who are ready to learn Thriving community, healthy economy Business leaders & policymakers Anonymous We weren't reaching our core audiences as well as I had thought... A B
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