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Mental Cases by Wilfred Owen

No description


on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of Mental Cases by Wilfred Owen

The Slaughter of War
*"Drooping tongues From Jaws.."
The Somber Loss of Life
"Treading blood from lungs that had loved laughter"
Mental Cases by Wilfred Owen
Carlie Bergsma, Myles Anderson, & Katie Biehl
Gettysburg (Civil War)
"Purgatorial shadows"
Wilfred Owen
"Surely we have perished"
*"Wading sloughs of flesh"
*"Flying muscles"
*Slaughter is a constant in war
"Stroke on stroke of panic"
"Minds the dead have ravished"
"Memory.. hair of murders"
"Multitudinous murders"
"Always see... hear.. batter of guns..human squandor"
"Dealt them war and madness"
"Tormented.. sunlight a bloodsmear.. night blood-black"

Literary Terms
Complex words
No simple thing
Childhood & Education
Influences & Personal Experience
Poetry & Purpose
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