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Catcher in the Rye Hero's Journey

No description

Zachary Ariail

on 2 June 2013

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Transcript of Catcher in the Rye Hero's Journey

Zach Ariail The Catcher in the Rye - Hero's Journey Call to Adventure Crossing the Threshold Dragon Battle Refusal of the Return Expulsion from prep school, not a call, but a step toward his journey.
Entrance into New York City. Holden struggles with alienation the entire novel.
Holden thinks everyone at Pencey is a phoney, so he never wants to go back there or any other school. Refusal of the Call Not refusal, but he stays at the school after expulsion. Answering the Call Holden develops a hatred toward the people at Pencey and leaves.
Brother Battle Mourning of Allie. Meeting with the Goddess Holden never sees her in the novel, but he has a real deep attraction and love for Jane.
Sacred Marriage Holden looks up to Phoebe, even though she is 6 years younger than him. Belly of the Whale After his failed date with Sally, Holden starts to fall into a depression.
Rescue From Without Holden gets sick and goes to a clinic where he is getting better and starts to write about his story while talking to a psychiatrist.
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