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Chuseok- Thanksgiving Lesson

Chuseok and Thanksgiving Lesson.

Katelyn Campbell

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of Chuseok- Thanksgiving Lesson

Chuseok-Thanksgiving Doam Middle School Thanksgiving & Chuseok games
Native Americans
celebration Key Vocabulary harvest
tradition 부여 감사 giving thanks Let’s look at the word: What is it? Thanksgiving What are you
thankful for? Fall Harvest Many countries have a traditional holiday to celebrate the fall harvest.
In Canada and the USA, this holiday is called Thanksgiving Day.
In South Korea, this holiday is called “Chuseok” or “Hangawi”. 4th Thursday of November.
Began in 1621.
Pilgrims and Native Americans celebrated at Plymouth Rock. 2nd Monday of October.
Began in 1578.
Celebrated a famous explorer returning from a long journey. U.S.A. Thanksgiving
in North America Canada The First Thanksgiving Turkey Traditional Foods Brussel Sprouts Traditional Foods Cranberry Sauce Traditional Foods Pumpkin Pie Traditional Foods Mashed Potatoes
And Gravy Traditional Foods Stuffing Traditional Foods Chuseok Playing
games Traditional Activities Watching sports Traditional Activities Going to parades Traditional Activities Spending time
with family Traditional Activities Chuseok (추석) =
“Korean Thanksgiving” ? Differences:
celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th
month of the lunar calendar
origins: weaving contest between two
princesses during the Silla Dynasty
ancestral memorial services Chuseok (추석) =
“Korean Thanksgiving” ? Similarities:
Harvest festival
Family gatherings
Eating lots of food What do you eat for Chuseok? Chuseok Foods What do you do on Chuseok? Charaye
(Honouring Ancestors) Chuseok Traditions Beolcho
(Visiting Gravesites) Chuseok Traditions Ssireum
(Korean Wrestling) Chuseok Traditions Chuseokbim
(Traditional Dress) Chuseok Traditions Assignment: With a partner, complete the poster about Chuseok.
Make a “Diamante Poem” about Chuseok
Write about the foods and activities you enjoy!
What will you do this Chuseok? Assignment: Be a Cultural Ambassador! What is an Ambassador? Ambassador: a messenger or representative of a culture/country

You are cultural ambassadors of Korea. Share your culture with English! Chuseok Traditions Return to your hometown
Eat dinner with family and relatives
Make Songpyeon
Play games like: Tug-of-War, Gama fighting
Visit ancestor’s tombs and pay respect
Traditional dance: Ganggangsullae Thanksgiving Questions Crossword Solution Across
2. A large orange vegetable.
5. A turkey _______ (sound).
6. A berry associated with Thanksgiving.
9. A way of cooking potatoes.
10. The month for Canadian Thanksgiving.
13. A big meal.
15. The proper term for Indians; ______ Americans. Thanksgiving Crossword A thanksgiving meal dessert.
Pie Thanksgiving Crossword
Down #14 A large bird.
Turkey Thanksgiving Crossword
Down #11 The month for American Thanksgiving.
November Thanksgiving Crossword
Down #7 First North American immigrants from Europe.
Pilgrims Thanksgiving Crossword
Down #3 The proper term for Indians; ______ Americans.
Native Thanksgiving Crossword
Across #15 The month for Canadian Thanksgiving.
October Thanksgiving Crossword
Across #10 A berry associated with Thanksgiving.
Cranberry Thanksgiving Crossword
Across #6 A large orange vegetable.
Pumpkin Thanksgiving Crossword
Across #2 A sauce for meat and potatoes.
Gravy Thanksgiving Crossword
Down #12 The annual gathering of food.
Harvest Thanksgiving Crossword
Down #8 A large stage show.
Extravaganza Thanksgiving Crossword
Down #4 People with whom you celebrate thanksgiving with.
Family Thanksgiving Crossword
Down #1 A big meal.
Feast Thanksgiving Crossword
Across #13 A way of cooking potatoes.
Mashed Thanksgiving Crossword
Across #9 A turkey
gobbles. Thanksgiving Crossword
Across #5 Down
1. People with whom you celebrate thanksgiving with.
3. First North American immigrants from
4. A large stage show.
7. The month for American Thanksgiving.
8. The annual gathering of food.
11. A large bird.
12. A sauce for meat and potatoes.
14. A thanksgiving meal dessert. Thanksgiving Crossword English 1/2 Activity 추석 Chuseok! What holidays do you celebrate in Korea? EXAMPLE

Name: Banana Day

Date : February 1
People wear yellow and give banana bundles to their friends. To show friendships.

People eat banana bread and drink banana flavoured slushies.

People who receive banana bundles are required to tell a knock-knock joke. Come up with your own original holiday!  TIME TO GET CREATIVE  English 3 Activity Make a Poster for it! http://blog.daum.net/_blog/BlogTypeView.do?blogid=0S9s7&articleno=40#ajax_history_home The Simpsons-Thanksgiving
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