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Social Studies -1 writing expectations

Source analysis and position paper

Dawn Kissel

on 10 June 2015

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Transcript of Social Studies -1 writing expectations

What is a source analysis? How is it different than a position paper and why should I even care?
Requires students to demonstrate
: skills of interpretation

You can effectively interpret a source by
it (pull it apart). You should talk about specific details in the source, but you need to link them back to the "big picture"
The body of the paper must do the following in each paragraph:

Explain your first reason to support your position (directly refer to aspects of the source)
Factual, relevant and accurate evidence (case study) that highlights your arguement
Tie everything back to your source under study
You must : Analyze source, explain it, discuss key underlying beliefs or social, economic, or political principles then state YOUR position (do you embrace or not the ip of the source)
Students are expected to use paragraph form for the response. Consider the proportion of error in terms of the complexity and length of the response for the assigned task.
Marks will also come from how effectively the student
identifies the relationship(s) that exist among all sources
explains the relationship(s) that exist among all sources
Why is the source significant?
How does the author feel about the subject?
How do you know? (key vocabulary words)
Establish alternative perspectives!
What links can be made between the statement and globalization/nationalism/liberalism?

What does each source mean?
• What ideological perspective(s) is/are inherent in each source and how does each perspective relate to liberalism (nationalism/ globalization)?
• Have I explained ways in which the three sources relate to each other?

Do not get off task and start describing everything you know about a particular concept!
Your writing will be marked for what you say as well as how clearly and correctly you say it. Ask yourself these questions as you proofread your work for Assignment I: Source Interpretation:
• Have I carefully interpreted all of the sources?
• Have I explained the connections between the perspectives presented and the principles of liberalism (nationalism / globalization)?
• Have I established a clear relationship(s) among the three sources?
• Is my response in paragraph form and easy to read?
A source analysis is always 3 sources that you must examine (the sources could be: political cartoons, images, graphs, quotations... ) You need to examine them as follows: What is actually happening in the source, describe it, what is the perspective? Explore the simplistic message (ie: Jewish people are made to appear evil according to th creator of the source), and then move into the intrinsic message (WHY was the source created?) What do they oppose? Interpret what you see.
A position paper requires you to take a position on 1 source and explore what you think. The source analysis is not about what you think. It involves the thoughts and message from the creators of the sources and how they link together or are opposing. The position paper specifically asks:

You should be concerned because a large part of your class mark and final exam come from your ability to complete these tasks. In order to them well, you need to keep the previous material in mind as well as the following:
Questions or concerns about source analysis? And the position paper?
The concluding paragraph must be a summary and a restate in a forceful manner of your position
The position paper is out of 30 marks and wil be evaluated using this rubric
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