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Deborah Caulet

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of Lewis

Kazakhstan & Germany
Turkey & Germany

Human Relationships
Management Style
The Lewis Model

The Lewis Model
Turkey & Kazakhstan
• One of the largest countries in the world in terms of land area with vast natural resources.

• Favorable geographic position. Eurasian geopolitical crossroad, a bridge between West and East.

• Historically inhabited by nomadic tribes, then became part of the Soviet union for almost 70 years before their independence in 1991

• Recently, transforming its economy to a more transparent, less regulated market-driven business environment.

• Kazakhstan is ranked 50th in the Global Competitiveness Ranking

Discussion & Takeaways
We chose 3 countries...
Business in Kazakhstan
• The mixture of Kazakh and Russian culture.

• High power distance, telling management style in most public and private.
“The people have to be told, it’s their cultural trait. One has to apply the ‘Olash Orda’ (Soviet era) style, only then, the locals will do it!”

• However, the opening of the economies and the increasing influence of western-type management culture on Kazakhstani culture is observed. (presence of business schools providing the western concepts of a free market economy)

• Family & tribe oriented. Kazakhs relies on contacts and their clans, foreigners may see it as “corruption”. (Karim katynas = Relationships)

• Informalities are stressed. Businessmen prefer eating and drinking when negotiating with their business partners.

• Lifestyle: work, relax, and be patient.
Thank you !
Common Turkic roots

Nomadic peoples

Business & Cultural Sharing

Turkish Schools & Universities
Construction, Energy, Defense
9 construction projects for $1.3 billion in Kazakhstan 1st half 2013
Where does Kazakhstan fit ?
Where do YOU fit ?
Does it match your country of origin ?

Those who plan, schedule, organize, pursue action chains, do one thing at a time.
Germans and Swiss are in this group.

Those lively, loquacious people who do many things at once, planning their priorities not according to a time schedule, but according to the relative thrill or importance that each appointment brings with it.
Italians, Latin Americans and Arabs are members of this group.

Those who prioritize courtesy and respect, listening quietly and calmly and reacting carefully to the other side’s proposals.
Chinese, Japanese and Finns.
Quick Facts
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