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Can I trust this website?

Learn how to evaluate websites effectively and ensure you have the best information for your assignments.

Sheridan Library

on 1 June 2011

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Transcript of Can I trust this website?

Can I trust this website?
There's just so much information on the web.
How can I know if the information is RELIABLE?
And any John Doe can make a website these days...
Heck, even my Aunt Elsa writes a blog about her wacky theories on child-rearing
First, the AUTHOR
Second, the PURPOSE
Third, the DATE
A good website always makes the author obvious.
...And always gives a little extra information about what they do
A company?
An association?
An educational institution?
A person?
...And how you can contact them.
Websites are usually created for a number of reasons:
To Inform
To Sell a Product or Service
To Persuade
Choose websites that deal with subjects in a more unbiased way.
Not everything on the web is current. Websites can be abandoned, and outdated information can persist.
A Last Modified, or Last Updated date on the page you're using can be a good indication of currency.
Lastly...good websites generally display:
Need more info?
Check out these tutorials by Intute
We especially like this tutorial:
And that's the basics of evaluating websites. Easy... right?
Professional webdesign
Excellent writing style (incl. grammar)
References to reputable sources
Links from other reputable sources
Of course, Library resources are usually best.
But, if you HAVE to use information from a website,
here are a few things to consider...
Happy Surfing!
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