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Career Powerpoint Presentation


Sashank Bandemegala

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Career Powerpoint Presentation

Airline Pilot What Helps You Become Successful? What duties and responsibilities
are a part of becoming an Airline Pilot? An airplane pilot is responsible for:
The safety and security of the plane
The passengers
The Crew
The cargo under any air traffic conditions. By: Sashank Bandemegala Some personality traits, characteristics, and /or values to become successful in this career include:
Calm under pressure
Humble enough to learn new things
Emotional and Mental stability
People skills
Solid decision making skills What College/University Programs are Required?

Get any desired Degree for any course, it is recommended that you take a course that would help you become an airline pilot.
Some courses include:
Aerospace Engineering
Aeronautical Engineering
Engineering Design
Aircraft Flight
Aerospace Laboratory I
Aerospace Laboratory II
Aircraft Design
Space Systems Design
Spacecraft Dynamics & Control
Robotics Some Institutes With
These Programs Include: University of Toronto. Duties for an airline pilot include:
Follow a checklist of pre-flight, checks on engines, hydraulics, and other systems
Check fuel, weather conditions, and flight schedules
Contact the control tower for takeoff and arrival instructions
Start engines, operate controls, and steer aircraft along planned routes
Monitor engines and aircraft systems during flight
Navigate the aircraft http://education-portal.com/be_an_airline_pilot.html Hours of Work Airline pilots work for airline companies that transport passengers and cargo according to fixed schedules. Airline Pilots cannot work for more than 12 hours a day
Can work only about 100 hours a month
Can only work up to 1000 hours a year
Typically we work 75 hours a month.
We have off around 12 days month. Airline Pilots usually have to pilot a flight about 2-3 planes a day with a maximum of 12 hours a day. What High School Programs are required? In order to take the university/college programs listed before, you will need to take some courses in grade 11/12 for your prerequisites. University Prerequisites
Advanced Functions
Your OSSD College Prerequisites
Chemistry Work Setting An Airline Pilot has to work in various different work settings for example:
In a single-engine plane (piloting)
In a multi-engine plane (piloting)
Inspecting all flights before take off according to the test. PAY: Airline Pilots get paid by their rank and experience, for example Captains can earn between $67,000 and $99,000 a year and as they rank up/ get more flight hours, they can be considered to get more yearly income.

BENEFITS: Airline Pilots sometimes get paid vacation, free health plans, and travel benefits such as free accommodations or free travel. Another amazing benefit is that they could travel the world and get paid. Income and Benefits Safety Concerns Flight must be inspected before take off to ensure full safety of plane
Keep the crew and passengers calm and follow all precautions
Make sure instruments are up to standard
keep the cockpit locked at all times
keep the control center updated at all times
Avoid mistakes Thank You for Staying Tuned!!! An Airline Pilot is a great career path, I have taken it and look where it has brought me. I am a successful man, I hope you are successful in life too
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