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Mesopotamia Quiz Game

No description

Will Adams

on 24 October 2017

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Transcript of Mesopotamia Quiz Game

What was the earliest Mesopotamian empire?

What was the name for a walled, independent city and its surrounding farms?

What is Sumer, and who were Sumerians?

Another name for early Mesopotamia in the time of the city-states. Most often refers to the core of Mesopotamia around the two key rivers, Euphrates and Tigris. Sumerians were those who lived in Sumer.

How did King __________ of the Akkadian Empire extend his power?

Sargon. Conquering and uniting the city states.

What empire is known for its major reforms to laws and systems of government, and what was the name of the famous legal system?
Babylonian Empire. Code of Hammurabi.
Which two Mesopotamian civilizations were well known for governing through fear, violence, and the enslavement of others?

Assyrian and Chaldean/Neo-Babylonian Empires
______ was the shortest-lived empire in Mesopotamia, conquered by the _______.

Chaldean/Neo-Bablylonian, conquered by the Persians.

What successful approaches were used in the Persian Empire to maintain control over their lands?
Persian leaders tolerated religions, customs, languages, etc within conquered provinces. Roads built to connect empire.
What was the name of the name of the ruthless ruler of the Chaldean empire? - spelling doesn't count :)
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