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Native/Web/Hybrid Application

No description

byul kim

on 15 October 2011

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Transcript of Native/Web/Hybrid Application

Semantics Offline & Storage Device Access Connectivity Multimedia 3D, Graphics & Effects Performance & Integration CSS3 File
Media Capture
System Information
Application Launcher
UI DAP WG Lightbox ebook 8Ball Audio Video Best Perfomance
Awesome UX
Full Device Functionality
App Store / Market Hard & Expensive to Develope
Multi Platform is Difficult Based on Web Technologies
Multi Platform
Realtime Update on Server Low Performance (?)
Limited Device Functions
Weak Pfofit Model Native + Web approch
Multi Device
Can use Device APIs
Can do features that Web App can't
App Store / Market Performance
How to? Native App Web App Hybrid App WebView connecting to Web Server Native App + Web View Hybrid Frameworks Wrap Web App as an Native App.
Extend device functions to Javascript (camera, contact, file) 아이폰으로 만들었는데 안드로이드로 또 만들래.. ㅠㅠ 넥서스원으로 테스트 했더니 갤럭시S에서 안돌아가.. ㅠㅠ 진저브레드용으로 다시 만들래.. 잊지 않겠다.. 구글.. Titanium 하반기에는 윈도우폰용도 만들어야겠지? 아이패드 해상도는 왜 이리 광활하냐? Use web technologies to build Native app
Full Featured Javascript API, Cross Platform
Compile web app to real Native App Web app is not a direct replacement of Native app.
Hybrid app can fill the gap between Native and Web.
Hybrid App is not just for Mobile, for N-Screen. HTML5 & API Thank You! Q&A Online Web App Offline Enabled Web App Offline Web App Dankook Univ / Hansol Inticube / KimByul
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