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Social Media

An analytic study of social media

Burcu Kazancı

on 2 February 2013

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Transcript of Social Media

MENTORING PROGRAM FEELS LIKE HOME BURCU KAZANCI & MARIE-LOUISE SCHÜTZ 2013 1 1 SOCIAL MEDIA A platform for direct communication between your customers, prospects and employees.
It is a key driver of content distribution and brand visibility online. "Social media employ mobile and web-based technologies to create highly interactive platforms [...] It introduces substantial and pervasive changes to communication between organizations, communities and individuals." "Social media is a group of Internet-based applications that build on the ideological and technological foundations of Web 2.0, and that allow the creation and exchange of user-generated content." Social Media Analytics rfgdbdhbdh Social Media Analytics An evolving business discipline Industry-driven AND brand-driven conversations influence business performance "The study of social media metrics that help drive business strategy" “The ability to analyze performance of social media initiatives and social data for business intelligence.” Jonas Klit Nielsen Jim Sterne Aggregates and analyzes online conversations and social activity
Enable organizations to act on the derived intelligence for business results
Improving brand awareness and reputation
Marketing and sales effectiveness
Customer satisfaction and advocacy Today more than 80% of the world’s online population uses social media (2012) Social media is no
longer optional for
it’s a fact of life. It creates fresh content and more pages of content

It helps drive more traffic and leads back to your website.

It’s a great way to get valuable inbound links It creates fresh
content and more
pages of content It's a great way to get valuable inbound links It helps drive more traffic and leads back to your website Without a blog, a website is like a brochure that doesn’t change often! Nearly 40% of US companies use blogs for marketing Nearly 40% of US
companies use blogs
for marketing Companies that blog
have 55% more
visits to their website Over 150 million business users

Major player in the lead generation game

Especially for B2B companies Two major features LinkedIn Groups:

- Allow to create and participate in discussions around a topic

- Can be a great way to make potential business connections and share relevant blog content or new offers. LinkedIn Answers:

- Find people publicly stating they have a specific challenge or need

- Identify questions and respond

- Can turn into a great marketing opportunity for your business

- Can generate high-quality traffic Facebook serves as a powerful platform for building a community of advocates and increasing word-of-mouth marketing
Leveraging Facebook for business:
Set up a business page
Post really unique or surprising
Ask people
Emotionalize Your Brand! A social network on which people share 140-character messages

Users “follow” or subscribe to each other’s updates and can receive messages How To Use Twitter For Business
Do Your Research
Have a Strategy
Build Brand Awareness & Engage with Customers
Build Brand Loyalty
Optimize for Search What to Tweet About Your Brand? Ask for suggestions

Witty one-liners

Helping people find opportunities

Tweet-greet your followers daily The Marketing Perspective Tips: Think mobile
Reward loyalty
Mix it up 
Choose your rewards carefully 
Be strategic 
Promote, promote, promote Pinterest recently beat out Twitter for referral traffic Reaching more than 270 million unique monthly visitors Three Tips for Drawing Even More Traffic from Pinterest 1. Determine first whether Pinterest is a good match 2. Avoid a hard sell 3. Reclaim link opportunities A good business blog should have...

Photos or videos
A compelling Article Title
Guest blogging
Links Make Content Shareable and Social Use Multiple Forms of Content Customer Proof The Top 5 Devious Lies You Hear About Social Media 1.Social media is free

2.You need influencers

3.You’re guaranteed a new client within X amount of days

4.You need to be happy all the time

5.You should give up your real life for your online life 3 Social Media Mistakes that Make You Look Like a Rookie Mistake #1: No "Anchor"
Mistake #2: No Consistency
Mistake #3: No Engagement A website is an essential piece of your online marketing strategy.

A website needs to not just exist, it needs to perform. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Off-Page SEO (inbound links)
On-Page SEO (“keyword density") Blogging Mistakes Attach content to what’s happening in the world Link to people Use an SEO helper Use a commenting system Write compelling headlines Provide social media share buttons Monitoring Social Media Google Alerts
HootSuite Content Marketing: The Challenge To Stay Relevant Define your Value Proposition
Decide on your Media Mix
Create Targeted Content 
Analyze Delivery and Response Rate
Build your database and stay in touch Your Content Marketing Strategy May Be Headed for Trouble Mixing social and marketing: 4 Common mistakes 1. Lack of a Strategy or Plan

2. Broadcasting – Too much talking not enough listening

3. Ghost town- social media assets exist but there is no one home

4. No Social Media Guidelines or Contingency Plan SOCIAL MEDIA AS PROMOTION Amplified Messaging Deeper Engagement
Efficient Brand Management Real-Time Analytics Future of Social Media What is ? Many services to help you:
arriving & travelling
living & housing issues
local information
Member Card
40+ discounts in 40+ different places First free relocation service for international students & expatriates Development 2011
Service expanded - New partners How to make money? New partners:
MODUL University & Megatrend University Events started to take place More paying partners started to join

Online clicks
Premium services Sephora's "15 Days of Beauty Thrills" (Facebook) Amazing Campaigns Honda #Pintermission (Pinterest) Biggest Fails 2012 McDonald’s #McDStories (Twitter) Volkswagen (Facebook) Your job is not to make everyone happy Don’t skip the planning Slow down to speed up Know your audience You can’t do it all at once Balance both the art and science of social media Get hungry for data Do a social media assessment or audit Connect with like minds Future of Social Media 'Social Media Lives' in peoples pockets

1 Billion Smart Mobile devices in use

“Help customers help themselves”

Millennials are expected to be the largest consumer demographic Ben& Jerry's 'Do The World A Flavor' Contest New announcements

Events you are holding

Teaser previews of offerings you are working on

Job openings The key question:

Is your content worthy of a share?

Help customers help themselves

Invite the right people to your party!! All in One service

One Stop shop

Feel Like Home in Vienna! Richard Ludmer Martin Mössmer Alexander Karakas 2010 Many folders in
- social media
- life & home
- Vienna
- style & art
- fun stuff ....

Often repin pictures into the folders and share with followers 3 Facebook Campaigns:

1 - "What is home for you?"
People added photos or wrote comments about the subject
2- "Win a Snow Jam ticket!"
Everybody LIKE-ing FLH was able to win
3- "Most beautiful photo"-Contest for a ticket to go to Spring Break Europe

Many beautiful activities for members announced on FB

Have a good time together!

After the activity photos from that day are posted & shared Jan H. Kietzmann Andreas Kaplan & Michael Haenlein Internet Marketing Speaker, Author, Consultant, eMetrics Founder, and Web Analytics Association Chairman CEO and Founder at Mindjumpers 1-4 pm result in highest click-through rates

Facebook traffic peaks between 1-3 pm

Before 8 am or after 8 pm are less likely to get shared Social Media Effectiveness 823,059 friends of fans Webster Big Welcome Party

Movie Night

Webster New Student Orientation Spring 1 1.438


722 4,074 Phase Concept: More than 2 years
Planning Moving Build-Up Living THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION !
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