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What's Going on With The Ice Caps?

No description

Coco Woodley

on 25 July 2016

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Transcript of What's Going on With The Ice Caps?

What's Going on With The Ice Caps?
"a covering of ice over a large area, especially on the polar region of a planet"
What are Ice Caps?
The "everlasting" Polar ice caps have melted more in the past 20 years, then they have in the last 10,000.

What's Happening to Them?
Polar bears have always used the sea ice for reaching their seal prey. But since the ice caps are disappearing due to Global Warming, the polar bears, seals, walruses and other arctic wildlife cannot survive properly because they are quickly losing their habitat.
Who is it hurting?
Man-made factors, such as greenhouse-gas emissions, are causing the Earth to heat up, causing Global Warming. Humans have contributed around a quarter of the global ice cap loss since 1851 and about 69% of the ice melting of between 1991 and 2010.
How Humans Are Making It Worse.
Due to Global Warming, the Ice Caps are melting at an incredibly rapid pace in the last few years.
Humans are also suffering due to rising sea levels, which will flood many coastal cities around the world.
How To Help?
There is no quick fix to global warming, but we can all adapt more environmental friendly routines into our daily lives like...
- Saving energy
-Recycling instead of letting our trash burn into harmful toxins in the air
5 Facts about Global warming
Fact 1: Global Warming is caused by the increase of greenhouse gas, such as carbon dioxide and methane.
Fact 2: Earths average temp. had risen by 1.4- Fahrenheit since 1880.
Fact 3: Since global warming is causing the arctic ice to melt, it is excepted that the arctic summers with be ice free by 2040.
Fact 4: More than 1 million species have gone extinct due to habitat loss caused by global warming.
Fact 5: Humans cause the release of around 37 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide per year.
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