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carl chun

No description

Ruth Geer

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of carl chun

Carl Chun Teuthologist
Marine biologist Accomplishments best known for the discovery of the vampire squid. vampire squid He was a: It`s November 6th, 1903. the Valdavia, fitted with biological and chemical laboratories, large cabins, a first-class scientific library, and storage space for marine wildlife collected on the voyage, set out on an expidition that led the way for oceanic study throughout the world. The crew and scientists, lead by professer Carl Chun, set out on a scientific expedition of the Atlantic, Indian, and Southern oceans. While sailing over the Guinea Basin, located in the Atlantic ocean, divers recorded and captured a strange new type of squid. Mistakenly taken for an octopus, Chun and his colleagues later discoved it to be a squid and named it `vampyroteuthis infernalis` or vampire squid from hell. Born: October 1st 1852
Died: April 11th 1914 Chun was born in Frankfort, Germany in 1852.
He attended college at the University of Lepzig, where he studied zoology.He was later appointed professor of biology in 1892. He might of went on the voyage (and discovered the squid) because of his job, as the professor of biology.
Personal The valdavia Impact on the world Chun`s expidition paved the way for further exploration and oceanic studies world wide, including iceburgs and deep sea wildlife. Description model of a vampire squid vampire squid Sources www.absoluteastronomy.com/topcs/carl_chun www.Fact-archive.com/encyclopedia/carl_chun www.buzzle.com/articals/famous- marine- biologist.php www.linkedin.com/pub/dir/carl/chun www.celebrating200years.noaa.gov/rere books/valdivia/welcome.html Alex Geer Prd 6 .
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