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IOC Power Presentation

No description

Scott Mills

on 28 October 2014

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Transcript of IOC Power Presentation

$10 billion
Power Program Services
Small Business Set Aside Program
Keep in touch!
Procurement Bulletins
Business Enterprise Program
The State of Illinois purchases more than $10 billion in goods in services every year.
Our team wants to help grow your business.
The best part about our service is that it is
Register today at www.illinoiscomptroller.com and let's get started.

Our Power Team helps your business compete for state contracts.
Helps you become certified as a small or minority owned business.
Guides entrepreneurs through the certification and procurement processes.
Offers workshops and private sector insights to enhance business opportunities.
Provides ongoing communication, information, resources and support.
Administered by the Illinois Department of Central Management Systems
The state sends out notices to alert you when goods and services are needed and details the bidding process.

Our Power Team will guide you through the process to sign up for this FREE service so you know when work is available. The system also sends notifications when addenda are posted and the contracts are awarded.
State agencies seek bids from small and minority owned businesses for anything from desks and computers to cleaning services.
Goal: Set aside $700 million of state contracts each year for small and minority owned businesses.
According to CMS: Every year, the Chief Procurement Office sets aside millions of dollars' worth of contracts exclusively for small businesses. Last year we awarded nearly $65 million to small Illinois firms through the Small Business Set-Aside program.
Do you qualify?
Retail/Service < $6 million
Wholesale < $10 million

Construction < $10 million

Yes...If your gross annual sales are:
Manufacturing < $10 million and <250 employees
Get Certified.
Learn to Compete.
Move Forward Together.
Rainbow Restoration International
Power team members will help you navigate through this certification process that will ultimately provide access to bidding on state government contracts for businesses owned by minorities , women, and people with disabilities.
According to CMS: State Agencies and Universities have a goal to purchase 20 percent of their goods and services from BEP certified businesses.
Do you qualify?
51 percent ownership by a person who is a minority, woman or has a disability
Citizen or legal resident
Annual gross sales less than $75 million
According to CMS.
Office of the Comptroller
James R. Thompson Center
100 W. Randolph Street, Suite 15-500
Chicago, IL 60601
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