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The Last Song

No description

Christine Gallardo

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of The Last Song

By: Nicholas Sparks The Last Song Characters Denouement Book Review PROTAGONIST ANTAGONIST SUBORDINATE CHARACTERS Conflict The protagonist in the novel is Ronnie. A rebellious teen who is forced to live with her dad in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina for the summer. The antagonist in the novel is also Ronnie. Throughout the novel, she is dissatisfied with herself and lives in the past. The Last Song Movie Trailer The main conflict in "The Last Song" is getting Ronnie to forgive her dad for her parents separation. She believes that her father is to blame for their divorce and ever since then, she has not spent time nor talked to her father. When she is forced to spend the summer at her dad's place in North Carolina, she tries giving her father a hard time not knowing his condition... Will- A beach volleyball player who spills soda on Ronnie at their first encounter. Will and Ronnie eventually fall in love with each other.

Blaze- Teenage girl that Ronnie meets at the beach after Will spills soda on her. The two become great friends despite the problems they face throughout the story.

Jonah- Ronnie's brother, the only person who she shows love for. Very curious about everything and unlike Ronnie, gets along with their father. Veronica "Ronnie" Miller "Gone was the all-American girl he remembered, and in her place was a young woman with a purple streak in her long brown hair, black fingernail polish, and dark clothing. Despite the obvious signs of teenage rebellion, he thought again how much she resembled her mother." (Sparks, 20) Ronnie is the main character in the novel. She is forced by her mother to spend time with her father over the summer along with her younger brother, Jonah. Although, she does not know the real reason why she has to spend time with her father. In North Carolina, she meets Blaze and her group of friends who are known as troublemakers who Ronnie hangs out with anyway. Ronnie also meets Will, a rich guy in her age who unlike Ronnie, has a planned future. The two eventually fall in love with each other. Throughout the story, Ronnie's relationship with her father strengthens as she realizes her father's situation and she is influenced by Will to choose a better path for her life. In the end, Ronnie's character eventually develops into a mature young woman. The conflict is resolved when Ronnie finally understands her father's situation and forgives him as well as realizing the truth about her parent's divorce. She then finishes the song her father started to write and called it "The Last Song". Veronica "Ronnie" Miller is a rebellious teenager that is currently living with her mother in New York City. As a child, she grew up receiving piano lessons from her father who was a music professor at Julliard before returning to his hometown after his separation with his wife. Ronnie has given up on playing the piano after feeling abandoned by her father. The summer after graduating high school, she is forced to spend the summer at her father's place with her little brother, Jonah. Ronnie has not spoken a word to her father since her parent's divorce.When she arrives in North Carolina, she gives her father a hard time getting to know her. While staying at her father's, she meets new people and find love. She also matures and get to know herself better.
This book is perfect for all ages. It focuses on family, friendship, and love but mostly the father-daughter relationship Ronnie has with her dad. My favorite part of this book was the many symbols like the turtle symbolizing new beginnings. My least favorite part was the ending... which you will have to read to find out. The Last Song actually inspired me to read other books written by Nicholas Sparks such as "Dear John" and "The Guardian". Overall, I would give this book a four out of five because of how well it was written. This book was very hard to put down and full of surprises.
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