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No description

Lucy Zhang

on 2 November 2015

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Transcript of PAOLI MASSACRE

"There never was, nor never will be, a finer opportunity of giving the enemy a fatal blow than the present- for God's sake push on as fast as possible"
-Anthony Wayne
Who was involved?
People involved
What happened?
General George Washington
left Wayne in charge
Anthony Wayne
32 years old
Division leader
grew up in Paoli
1,500 soldiers
William Maxwell
on other side of river
Morgan Jones
warned Wayne about attack
American sentries
2 on horseback
warned camp
General Smallwood
tried to help Wayne when British were attacking
General Charles Grey
nicknamed "No-Flint Grey"
British patrols
intercepted Washington's dispatces
Colonel Thomas Musgrav
blocked northern escape attempts
Tory farmers
gave British the American password
guided British toward American camp
By: Lucy Zhang
Vol XCIII, No. 311
September 20th-21st, 1777
Where did it happen?
Lord Grey leads a suprise attack on unsuspecting American troops at their camp in Paoli. There were 53 Americans killed, more than 100 wounded, and 71 were captured. The British used their bayonets to stab the Americans in their sleep and set fire to their huts to burn them to death.
Americans march towards Reading Furnace for more ammunition
Washington puts Wayne in charge to lead a suprise attack on the end of the British troops
10 pm
Howe plans to lead his own suprise attack on the Americans. Grey leads his troops towards the camp at Paoli.
Wayne doesn't wait for Washington to come back from getting more ammunition and starts moving troops towards British camp

Wayne waits for Maxwell to help at a camp near Paoli.
But, Maxwell was at the opposite side of the Schuylkill river. Washington was also at Parker's Ford on the other side.
The British also knew about Wayne's location and plans.
9 pm- 10 pm
Morgan Jones warns Wayne about the British attack.
A man named Mr. Clayton has a servant who heard about the plans when he was captured by the British.
Wayne didn't believe him.
11 pm
Thomas Musgrav moves towards Paoli to block any northern escape attempts made by the Americans.
Tory farmers lead the way to the camp at Paoli and give the British troops the American password.
The British also captured any Americans that were outside to make sure no one knew about their suprise attack.
Grey told his men to only use bayonets and swords.
1 am
2 guards saw the British and tried to warn the others but they couldn't get to the camp in time.
British attack the sleeping American troops.
The Americans didn't have time to form troops and any of their attempts to fire at the British only gave away their location.
Wayne retreats towards White Horse Tavern.
Gen. Smallwood leads his militia towards the camp to help Wayne, but the two groups run into each other on Lancaster road.
British are camping at Tredyffrin and were getting ready to attack Philly
Musgrav and Grey's troops combined- 5,000 soldiers

Americans-1,500 men
After the battle
Humpton files charges against Gen. Wayne for knowing about the attack but not warning anyone until it was too late.
The massacre was used as propaganda to make the British seem barbaric
"Here we are and there they go."
American password made rebels unsuspicious of British
Why was the Battle of Paoli important?
Used as propaganda against British
bayonets thought of as not sophisticated
rumors that British killed surrendering Americans
not many night raids
British were afraid the rebels would want revenge after Paoli for the rest of the war
Germantown-british locked themselves in a house rather than surrender
thought rebels would seek revenge
British camp
Rebel camp
Schuylkill river
separated Wayne and Maxwell
Lancaster Road
Smallwood and Wayne run into each other
part of the Paoli memorial
British rushed from these woods
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