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No description

Peyton Savington

on 22 April 2015

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Transcript of Persephone

Rape of Persephone
Modern Day
Persephone Effect
using good science to cause harm
Ex. Soviets using vaccinations with diseases to harm people who were believed to have committed treason
The Sacrifice
Video game
Depicted as goddes of life
Natural Phenomena
The seasons
While Demeter was out searching for Persephone after her abduction, she was sad and disregarded her duties for the planet, which created fall and winter
When she's with Persephone she happy which creates summer and spring
Pomegranate: fruit of the dead
Bat: death and rebirth
Torch: light searching for Persephone
Wreath of Flowers: return of spring after winter
Mom:Demeter, Dad: Zeus, Uncle: Hades
Out in field picking flowers
Saw the flower Narcissus and picked it
Created by Zeus to stray her away from her guide
Took a lot of effort for her pick, created a whole
Hades emerged and abducted her
Hades wanted to marry her
While in the underworld, ate pomegranate seeds
Seasons were created
of Persephone
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