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College Options by Dariana Acosta

No description


on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of College Options by Dariana Acosta

College Options by Dariana Acosta
What is Kaplan Collge known for?
The college is known for a lot of medical health care like dental problems, diagnostic programs, massage, hostistic medicne, natural health, medical office, patient care, and pharmacy.
Cost for room and board
The cost for room and board is $4,000.
The tuition is $26,960
The tuition of kaplan college
the kaplan college logo is plain and just the name
Location/(Adress) and Phone Number
6180 laurel canyon blvd #101 north hollywood
phone number:
When was kaplan college founded?
kaplan was found in the 1930's
How far from CRMA#4?
its 37minutes and 21.9 miles.
Thats a long, long way from here,
What is the percent of men/woman at that campus?
This is the demographics and ethnicities of kaplan college.
There's are health care programs like dental assistant,clinic massage therapy,health care assistant,medical assist,patient care,physical therapist, and many other things.
What types of organizations, clubs, etc are there?
The clubs that they have are phsychology club,educators club,ambassadors and leaders club,and soiciety for human managment club
Would this school be a good fit for you why or why not?
This school would not be a good fit because the healthcare wasnt what i really wanted and i wanted more clubs, and some sports and its known for alot of heaith care but thats what i didnt expect. XD.
if you had an idea in life would this school help you?
I think that the school would help me if i had somthing to do in life already planned.
How long would it take you to get your degree?
I think to get my degree it would take a long time only if i was playing around with my friends, but if i wasnt then i should take a while but not too long.
The websites I used for my prezi

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