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Unstructured Trendz vol.1.4

A few patchy things happening out there, that you'd better look very close

antonio pavolini

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Unstructured Trendz vol.1.4

web memes
over the top consumers
over the top journalism
over the top innovators:
VC, co-working, crowdsourcing
best effort & the good enough revolution
the death of CSR
marketing of ideas
the end of compulsory blockbusters
will touchscreens mark
the end of storytelling?
over the top content creators
location/presence based
intellectual property?
if you are ahead of your times,
you can afford to make mistakes
multitasking eyeballs
linear lives well with interactive
lean back vs lean forward
search vs discovery
the surge of
open data
ignite, prezi & co:
the end of powepoint
(the way we know it)
the incumbent world gasps in tactics:
U can afford to be strategic
unstructured trendz
vol. 1.5 [beta]
Content is Apps
antonio pavolini
creative commons attr. 3.0
corporate generated content
fault art (and)
the future is analogue?

ipad, kindle and
the splinternet
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