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Alyssa's Prezi

Alyssa C.

on 30 April 2015

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Transcript of Bullying

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46 percent of children and young people have experienced bullying. Bullying creates many problems and can effect people severely. Bullying can create low self esteem, a bad school environment, and more, it can also lead to suicide. This problem needs to be stopped or else it might cause a negative society. People bully because of low self esteem, lack of attention, so they bully to get attention and feel popular, and jealousy towards others. Bullies are products of how they were raised. Between 20 to 30 percent of school age children are bullies or victims. Bullying can start as young as preschool. Grades will likely drop when being bullied because the victims will start thinking about what they did wrong and might blame them self's and thinking about other things instead of paying attention. Every 7 minutes a child is being bullied, this shows how sever bullying is. Bullies and victims are both affected in adult hood and might even get into criminal activity.
46 percent of children and young people have experienced bullying.
18 percent of children wouldn't tell their parents,
28 percent of children and young people didn't tell anyone.
One hundred sixty thousand students miss school each day due to bullying.
56 percent of students have witnessed bullying.
Obese children are 63 percent more likely to be bullied than other children.
My ideas on how to stop bullying
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We need to raise awareness and parents need to educate their children about bullying and not to be a bully.
Low self esteem is caused from bullying.
Low self esteem can cause numerous health concerns like clinical depression, stress, anxiety, and heart disease. This problem can also give one a very unhappy childhood and can lead into adult-hood. Low self esteem can effect your career because it affects decisions, what you expect in life, and also will make you not want to try very hard in life. Don't believe what bullies say, they are just trying to feel better about their self by putting others down. One needs to quit telling their self negative things about them and say positive things that will be effective towards overcoming low self esteem. Low self esteem can not only make one feel very dismisal it can also make one very angry. It will keep one from living life to the fullest.
Cyber Bullying
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Facts on Bullying
38 percent of people are cyber bullied. Cyber bullying is the latest trend in bullying. Cyber bullying is when someone text's, emails, or post's a taunt, teasing, or threat. This type of bullying is an easy target for girls, which are twice as likely as boys to get cyber bullied. 19 percent of teens say they have been bullied online. If you are being cyber bullied you should block the address that is sending the text's or emails and quit social media if you are being cyber bullied.

A serious issue, that needs to be stopped!
One way is by having a school program to raise awareness about this serious issue. Classes and support groups should be available at the school so one can learn how to stop being a victim of bullying. Adults should raise children to have respect and be kindness towards others so they don't bully people. Telling a trusted adult is very important to stop bullying. In order to do that parents need to develop good communication with their child, so they will tell them if they are being bullied. People being bullied need to not let what bullies say affect you because it's not true, don't play the same words over and over in your head. Tell yourself good things about yourself and don't listen to what the bullies say.
Suicide is a very negative effect from bullying. 25 percent of middle school bully victims, strongly considered suicide suicide and 23 percent of high school victims did too. Suicide is a fatal tragedy and is not only hard on the victim but is hard on their family and friends too. For every one hundred people that attempt suicide, one dies, this statistic shows how extreme suicide is. Bullying can be so hard on the victim that it can ultimately lead to suicide. Suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death in young people, it causes over forty three hundred deaths per year, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Bully victims are 2 to 9 times more likely to be bullied. There are many ways to recognize the signs of contemplating suicide.
Warning Signs:
The signs are depression, ongoing, sadness, showing no interest in anything, and withdrawal from others and having troubles sleeping or breathing. Engaging in dangerous activities like careless behavior inclluding, substance abuse, and self injury are showing intrest in death are signs of attempting suidide. If you recognize those signs take them to a doctor, emergency room, counselor immediately, or call an emergency hotline such as 1-800-273-8255 talk.
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This graph shows how common cyber bullying happens, this type of bullying didn't even exist 10 or 15 years ago and occurs almost as much as bullying.
Bullying hurts many people.
Even stars get bullied.
Demi Lovatto
Kelly Clarkson
Justin Timberlake
Taylor Swift
Kate Middleton
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