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Ecovillage - ESWB

No description

Christopher Fuller

on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of Ecovillage - ESWB

An ecovillage is an intentional or traditional community using local participatory processes to holistically integrate ecological, economic, social, and cultural dimensions of sustainability in order to regenerate social and natural environments.
- Global Ecovillage Network

What is an Ecovillage?
Care for the Earth

Care for Others

Return the Surplus
What can we do to be Regenerative?
Is Sustainability Enough?

Sustainability: the quality of not being harmful to the environment or depleting natural resources, and thereby supporting long-term ecological balance
Sustainability has become a buzz word.
Sustainability and exponential growth don't mix.
We humans have already done a lot of damage that we need to repair.
"How are you today"..."Sustainable"

We need some new words
that say a little bit more:
Learn from ecological systems
Design with nature, not against
Enhance Communities
Ecovillage Ithaca
Findhorn Ecovillage
Davis Village Homes
Earth Haven
The Property
6.5 Acres
South Facing Slope
Nearby Bus Stop
Nearby Walking Trails
Close to downtown
Common House
Architecture: Dwellings
Planning & Construction: Biking Trails
Net Zero or better, Passive Solar
Accessible to all abilities
Integrated with the natural surroundings
Small footprint to preserve the forest ecosystem
Healthy Environments
Balance public interaction and privacy
Project Ideas
Lochlyn Ecovillage
Connect property to large network of existing trails in the area
Get to know & work with the City, County, and Rivanna trail planners
Connect the trails on either side of the meadow creek to provide bicycle access all the way downtown.
Project Ideas
Investigate alternatives to the personal automobile for the ecovillage and surrounding residential areas
Promote the existing bus system
Promote and improve bikeability in Charlottesville
Reduce the need for parking spaces
Project Ideas
Site Planning
Food Forest
Rainwater harvesting
Grey water
Road Design
Forest Stewardship
Trail Design
Project Ideas
480 Rio Rd:
Home of Ecovillage Charlottesville
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