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GRA Art & Photography Studios

No description

Ellen Lundgren

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of GRA Art & Photography Studios

Grand Rapids Area
Art & Photography Studios Ellen Lundgren I need a studio. Working out of my home is making my life cluttered. I'm graduating soon and need a new studio to work in. I can't afford studio lighting equipment. I can't find a place to develop my own prints. I need a creative community around me. Vision Mission Mantra In the next 5-8 years, find a warehouse space to renovate or a lot to build a local and regional studio and collaboration space for fine artists and photographers, providing affordable work and meeting spaces and supply rental. Giving you affordable project-based studio and collaboration space. Community Creativity Painting studios
Computer labs
Conference/Craft Rooms
Photo lighting studios
Film darkrooms Features & Benefits Darkroom chemicals
Large-format laser printers
Studio lighting equipment
Artist software
Drying rooms
Ceramic kilns Rent on a project-by-project basis
Affordable for "part-time" artists
Formal setting to meet with clients
Takes your artwork clutter out of your home
Provides use of expensive equipment UICA
Live-in studio lofts
University Studios
Good weather (for those plein-air artists) Competition Age 18-35, single or married
Low to middle incomes (from $50,000 and under)
In the Grand Rapids city and surrounding areas
Lifestyle: Creative, young, and socially, politically, economically, and environmentally conscious.

I hope that through aiming to a younger market, I can gain a loyal user base, and have lifelong patrons. Target Market Market Research Next Steps Questions? Suggestions? Top Statistics from Survey: Most surveyed were in college or had a 4-year college degree.
60% were within 15min of downtown Grand Rapids.

46% were unemployed or only had a part-time job.
16% worked from home or freelanced.
Most participants made less than $20,000 annually.

Of those who had a studio space, 38% were at home while 24% were at school.

79% of participants said they would work more on their art/photography if they had affordable studio space. Most people currently spent only a few days a month working four or more hours a day on their art or photography.

80% said they would work more on their art/photography if they had a creative community surrounding them, 20% said they would work the same amount, NO one said it would make them work less.

46% lacked equipment because of expense, while 53% said they didn’t lack any equipment.

Digital Photographers made up 64% of those who participated. The other 36% was split between Digital Art, Film Photography, Other, Painting, and Illustration/Drawing in that order. Get business loans to finance.

Get empty warehouse/factory building in a Renaissance zone.

Start buzz in the community with social networking accounts as free marketing. Harris Studios? Is this the future... Solution? Grand Rapids Area Fine Artist & Photographer Studios
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