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Plantation Life

No description

Gene Monahan

on 26 October 2016

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Transcript of Plantation Life

What did a southern plantation include?

Cattle pen, Slaves cabin, Overseer's house, Stable, Tobacco barn, Tobacco field, Kitchen, Main house, Office, Carpenter shop, Smokehouse, Laundry, Warehouse and Dock
Where are plantations?
North Carolina
South Carolina
Extra Information
Some slaves owners (planters) did not want to know what their slaves were doing after sun set.
Some planters said that "their slaves can't live without them and they can't live with out them."
Many planters made excuses to justify keeping slaves.
Slaves worked from dawn til dusk.
Not unusual for more than one cash crop to be grown on a plantation.

Google Images
Harcourt Horizons United States History: Beginnings to 1790
Plantation Life
By: Naomi Franzblau
Who lived and worked on a plantation?
did the field work and work on the plantations, masons, joiners, coopers, metalworkers. Others worked with the cooks, nurses, seamstresses.
-watched the slaves as they worked and punished them if they did not work hard.
House slaves
-worked in the planter's house, they were often clothed, fed, and housed better. The women did washing, sewing, cooking, and cleaning. The men drove carriages, took care of horses, and practiced skills such as carpentry.

In the Southern Colonies
Plantations were often build by rivers.
Slave owner
-owned all slaves, were able to beat, whip, or insult slaves.
paid to buy and sell for someone else. Planters sent their crops to England together with a list of things they want the broker to buy there for them.
Thanks to:
Plantation Life
By Naomi Franzblau
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