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Breaking News

No description

Sarah An

on 30 April 2017

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Transcript of Breaking News

What I learned and accomplished
My accomplishments and goals...
Research Focus
I have accomplished my goals in finding what people know about DPRK. I learned from the responses on SurveyMonkey that majority of the people are agreeing with my research.
I choose to use SuveryMonkey to collect my data. Here is an Overview of my data that I collected
Q2: If you had the opportunity, would you ever go visit North Korea?
English 104
Sunday, April 2, 2017
Sarah An
Description of context
For my argumentative research project, I am trying to persuade to the audience that North Korea's human rights system is inhuman causing severe neglection to its people living there such as famine, child labor, and brutality.

To help analysis my thesis, I asked some people to take my survey I created on SurveyMonkey.com.

Participants: Male and Female, ages 18-20
Degree Work: All college students
Setting: Participants all living in Indiana
Total # of participants who took survey: 15

Life Under A Communist Rule
In hopes of finding the truth about North Korea, I did some intense research. I searched the Web for articles and interviews from current dates to actual escaped victims. I also decided to ask some of my fellow peers on what they think about North Korea.

I came up with this topic, because as an Asian-American, having a Korean background, I wanted to explore the truth and secrets of Kim Jong-un (current dictator).
Q1: From a scale of 1-10, how well do you know North Korea's human rights system?
The results were, out of 15 people who took my survey, the average knowledge of North Korea's human rights system was 3.
I asked this question because I wanted to know what others already or don't know about DRPK (Democratic People's Republic of Korea) system. I imaged that not many people would know and I was right. Based on the results which came out really low, I can continue my essay knowing that people will have some interest in my research.
Result: About 60% of people would not travel to North Korea if they had the opportunity
Why did so many people say no? My beliefs are that so many people answered no because of what social media and how the news portrays North Korea. Everything we hear or see about North Korea is all negative which makes sense to not want to travel to a country who is portrayed as "evil".
To hear what others have to say, I asked them to comment their thoughts about North Korea. Here are some of the comments:
Overall, many people seem to be curious about my topic which is a major success. Also, while doing my research, I found out that people who took my survey already had a little knowledge about North Korea for example, 71% of the people answered correctly on who the leader of North Korea was. And about 40% had a family or friend who fought in the Korean War.
Some difficulties that I ran into was coming up with beneficial questions that will help my research project. I also wished I could of gotten more responses but you have to work with what you got. In the beginning I did not think this topic would work out, but over time I managed to see the bigger picture.
Based on the comments, there were no positive responses which was what I expected. People seem to know only the negative side of North Korea because that’s all we hear from the news/social media. With more responses coming in, I am hoping to see what others think about the country.
True or False: We cannot enter North Korea
I asked this question because I wanted to see what others would say. There is no right or wrong answer to this true or false because it's all based on how you look at the question. The majority of the people answered true, which is surprising. I predicted that most people would say false, because in fact people are allowed to enter through strict security and approval from the government. l feel like majority said true, because it's so rare seeing people go visit the country.
This performance has taught me that we all agree that DPRK system has poor effects causing its country to suffer. I can continue researching my topic now knowing that the people who took the survey agrees with what I'm trying to argue.
My next action is to prepare myself for the final assignment. I plan to put all the results and maybe possibly even interviewing some of the participants if there is time available. Everything that I gathered in the past few weeks will help with my final essay. I still want to get more responses from others and keep researching about DPRK.
Next Step...
*All pictures are from Google Images*
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