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21st Century Teaching and Learning: Preschool

What make a classroom a 21st century classroom? What makes a lesson, project or unit 21st century teaching and learning? These questions will be explored as we share information and create lessons to expand our knowledge.

Rebecca Grossman

on 30 September 2010

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Transcript of 21st Century Teaching and Learning: Preschool

21st Century Classroom? What is it? 21st century skills? What are they? AKA: the 4C's Communicating Collaborating Communication: What skills are necessary for
effective communication? Collaboration: What skills will help our
students become effective group members? Critical thinking: How will we support our students to solve problems at the highest level? Creating Critical thinking ...with each other, ...with the community, ...and with the world. In the classroom In the world Science Problems Engineering challenges Community Issues Creativity: How will we assist students to think creatively and work creatively with others to produce something new and original? ...ETC. Where is the 21st Century Classroom? Creative problem solving Here... there... and everywhere. Graduating class of 2027... ...are we ready? Connect & Create Critical = Evaluative
"...it is using criteria to judge the quality of something, from cooking to a conclusion of a research paper." Robert Ennis Global Awareness ( she'll be HERE next year!)
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