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Alibaba Group

No description

Shivi Parthipan

on 14 May 2015

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Transcript of Alibaba Group

Brand Portfolio
Taobao Marketplace
Why Call It Alibaba?
"They all knew about Alibaba. Alibaba — open sesame. Alibaba is a kind, smart business person, and he helped the village. So … easy to spell, and globally known. Alibaba opens sesame for small- to medium-sized companies “
–Jack Ma

Timeline Of Alibaba
Alibaba Group

Motivated to introduce Chinese SME's to the virtual world

Increase Sales

No longer CEO, Executive Chairman now
Who is Alibaba Group?

Brand Inventory
Marketing Programs
Brand Target Market
Brand Exploratory
CBBE Pyramid Model
Major Competitors

PoP & PoD
PoP & PoD
- Ambassadors

- Elimination of counterfeit products

- Keep up to date with market

- Differentiate brand to different markets.
Strategic Alliances
with . . .

- Yahoo

- Shanghai International Film Festival

- Acquisitions of Soccer team
1. C2C - Customer to Customer

2. B2B - Business to Business

3. B2C - Business to Customer
-Online shopping platforms

-Brands and retail platforms

-Group buying marketplace

-Global consumer marketplace

-Wholesale marketplaces

-Cloud computing services

-Marketing services

-Logistics services

Membership fees
1. Unverified Member
2. Verified Member
3. Trustpass Membership
4. Gold Supplier

Advertising space also provided, based on suppliers demand.

Authentificiation process involved
Mainly within china

International level

- Advertisements of alibaba.com

- Events

- Sponsorships

- Celebrity interaction

eBay Inc.
Amazon.com, Inc.
Baidu, Inc.
Google Inc.
Tencent Holdings Limited
NetEase, Inc.
PayPal, Inc.

-Pierre Omidyar in 1995
-E-commerce company
- Focus is on virtual sales between consumer to consumer & business to consumer
-online auction and shopping website
- Brand Knowledge
- Brand Awareness
(recognition and recall)
- Brand Image (associations)

- 'Buy it Now' Sales
- Online Sales
- Consumer to Consumer + Business to Consumer
- Paypal or equivalent system

- Commision and fees for sale
- Auction sales
- Founded in 1994 by Jeff Bozos.
- Huge in the USA
- Focused on online bookstore and provision of MP3s, audio and CDs
- Produces Electronics
-Future focus looks to expand into growing markets like Poland
- Virtual Network
- Consumer to Consumer + Business to Consumer

- Has kindles and tablets
- Greater Expansion
Baidu Inc
- Chinese Web Service Company
- Founded in 2000 by Robin Li
- Offers similar services to Google, but all in one language
- China Specific
- Constant Innovation
PoP & PoD
- Web Service
- Expansion
- Huge Brand Portfolio
- Dominant operation in Chinese Market

- It's a search system
- Closer to Google
- Services directed solely at Chinese customers
- Success of this brand can be contributed to strong leadership and emphasis on it's brand values
- Think global, act local.
- Brand needs to learn how to deal with both the national and international market.
- Potentially one of the most dominant companies in the world
Other Businesses
Leader : Jack Ma

Established in 1999 by 18 people in an apartment

SME's are the future of China

Lack of internet usage in China during this time and SME's desired global expansion
Chinese e-commerce company

Sales service via internet

Has an extended set of businesses

Primary operations in China and Hong Kong
China specific site

Online shopping destination

Millions of products listed

Leading site for consumers

1. Brand Elements
2. Service
3. Pricing
4. Distribution
5. Communication
Internal investigation of how each product or service brand is marketed
Shereen Ali - 42866987
Shereen Ali - 42866987
Shereen Ali - 42866987
Shereen Ali - 42866987
Shereen Ali - 42866987
Shereen Ali - 42866987
Shereen Ali - 42866987
Shereen Ali - 42866987
Shereen Ali - 42866987
Shereen Ali - 42866987
Shereen Ali - 42866987
Shivi Parthipan - 42872871
Shivi Parthipan - 42872871
Brand Elements
Shereen Ali - 42866987
"In order for SME's to be successful in managing their brands, it is essential that they incorporate into their strategy a mix of brand elements that can support brand awareness and the image of the brand" - Krake, 2005
Shivi Parthipan - 42872871
Shivi Parthipan - 42872871
Shivi Parthipan - 42872871
Patrick Donley - 43266584
Patrick Donley - 43266584
Patrick Donley - 43266584
Patrick Donley - 43266584
Patrick Donley - 43266584
Patrick Donley - 43266584
Patrick Donley - 43266584
Patrick Donley - 43266584
Patrick Donley - 43266584
Patrick Donley - 43266584
Shivi Parthipan - 42872871
Shivangi Parthipan - 42872871
Shivangi Parthipan - 42872871
Shivangi Parthipan - 42872871
Patrick Donley - 43266584
- Consumer Knowledge

Words that can be associated include convenient, online, variety, universal, unique...
- Positioning Analysis
- Brand Resonance Pyramid
Due to the rapid increase in online deception and
complaints, Alibaba Group has created policies in
order to gain a positive brand awareness.
Corporate Social Responsibility
Public Relations and Publicity
Offline and Online Social Programs including:

- Environmental Programs

- Disaster Relief

- Encouraging community service

Shivi Parthipan - 42872871
Events such as :

- 11.11

- Singles Day

- World Marry Day
Shivi Parthipan - 42872871
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