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Logging has an ugly side

By Ethan Miller and Joseph Skondin.

Ethan Miller

on 21 May 2010

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Transcript of Logging has an ugly side

JOE BY: AND... Ethan "danger" Miller but mostly ethan... kinda Logging has an ugly side dEFORESTAtION, CLEARCUTTING AND
ILLEGAL LOGGING ARE bECOMING A HUGE PROBLEM ALL OVER THE WORLD. Ps* if this makes you dizzy... sorry Deforestation- The clearence of naturally occuring forests by logging and burning. Jungle burned in for agriculture in southern mexico almost a third of the earth's land is covered by forrest and all of those trees play a very imoportant role in sustaining life. They provide us with many useful products
like, medicine, paper, fuel and many more wonderous things. But unfortunately this incredibly valuable ecosystem is vanishing right before our eyeys because of these three reasons in particular. The main root of deforestation in general is globalization... (GLOBALIZATION) Rapid Population growth has caused citys to expand into
forests and jungles outside of the city. *Everyone say awwwww* Deforestation is also a major contributor to global warming.
on we go! Clearcutting- A controversial forestry/logging technique in which most or all trees,
regardless of size or species are cut down. similar to deforestation, clearcutting aslo contributes to
global warming and the destroying of natural habitats. yeah, that is pretty sad mr.squirrel... Major negative impacts-
Soil erosion increased risk of pest epidemics increased wild fires loss of biodiversity sadly, Logging companies and forest-worker unions in some
countries still practice suport and practice clearcutting. and finally... Illegal logging- Illegal logging is causing enourmous damage to forests, local communities and economies of produce countries. it causes enviormental damage, costs the government billions of dollars in lost revenue and undermines the rule of law. the harvesting, transporting, processing, selling or buying of
timber in violation of nation laws. Facts- 73 percent of timber production is considered to stem from
illegal logging according to the OEcd.
25 percent of russias timber exports originate from illegal logging
according to the world bank. in gabon, 70 percent of harvested timber is considered illegal according to world bank.
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