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Lion monkey

No description

Jack Mcswigan

on 21 June 2016

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Transcript of Lion monkey

lion tamarins are small orange-yellow monkeys,weighing 500 to 600 grams.
Golden lion tamarins are omnivorous, feeding on fruits, insects, and small lizards. GLTs actively search crevices, bark, bromeliads, and other hiding places for their prey. They use their long, slender fingers and hands to probe into these areas, a behavior called "micromanipulation.

Lowland and coastal rain forest since Monkeys are very intelligent they are able to continue to adapt to changes in their environment. This is why places where they were once found are now empty.

Lion monkey

It looks like a ginger monkey that is so cute and they are so popular to see.And there not even at the zoo

Hope you like my prezi.
By Jack.M
present to watch
The Map of where they live
Hope you liked it
By Jack Mcswigan
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