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Business Communication - It Matters.

Introduction and Survey Results

D Hibbert

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of Business Communication - It Matters.

It matters. Start with the basics Business Communication The Big Picture How can you improve? 53% rated concise and direct responses as their top concern. 42% of managers surveyed rated grammar and punctuation as important to effective business communication. What did most of our managers rate as their top concern in business writing and communication? 57% of managers said that complete information is most important. 32% of managers surveyed have worked to further develop their business writing and communication skills. "It has given me different perspectives on communication and what is important." "I took a business writing class when I worked on the HD E-mail Team. I was surprised at how much I had forgotten since college." "I can communicate quickly and with more clarity to my employees and superiors." One manager said, "I think consistency in responses and being more clear/concise would be most beneficial for the [WFM] department." When asked about their interactions with Workforce Management... Try out one of the available activities in Quia, Prezi, and Google! Links are available on the Hub. One manager surveyed said, "I think this is a great initiative as business writing is a key part of our daily interaction." When asked how their additional training has helped their career... We recently surveyed managers about business writing and communication.

We asked about their preferences as well as their experiences with WFM.

Here are the results! Another commented, "I have received coaching comments that are poorly written, full of copy-and-pasted blurbs that don't address specific issues. While most communications from WFM are fine, none of them should leave me confused or under-informed." Almost 50% of managers surveyed said they'd like to see, "Fewer canned responses - These can come across as poorly researched or apathetic." Do you need a refresher on grammar, punctuation, or subject-verb agreement?
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