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P.L.E.Y Consulting

Industry Energy Inc. RFP

Yuri Vertkin

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of P.L.E.Y Consulting

Pilot Survey Results Total of 21 questions: 18 closed-ended
and 3 open-ended. Survey Measured
- Job Satisfaction
- Job Stress
- Withdrawal Behaviors Closed: In general, I look forward to coming into work. Open:How many days do you estimate you missed last year due to stress related illness? Survey Population: 6 Males and 6 Females Results show a difference between
Males and Females? Difference in Job Satisfaction Index Scores:
M= 3.49
F= 2.5 Content Analysis for Job Satisfaction Revealed:
To increase JS, Employees would like to see more communication with management and more team collaboration Difference in Job Stress Index Score:
M = 1.8
F = 2.1
Difference in Withdrawal Index Score:
M = 3.75
F = 3.75 Content Analysis for Withdrawal Revealed: To decrease W, Employees would like to see an increase in resources such as more support, better equipment, and more structure Methodology for Survey Development Pilot survey developed from literature review of
job stress, withdrawal, and job satisfaction

Identified causes, effects, and potential solutions
of the underlying dimensions Methodology for Administration Randomized, representative sample
Analyzed gender and item response differences
Created index scores
Content analysis
Agenda P.L.E.Y Consulting
Industry Energy Inc. Background Survey Development
Methodology for survey development
Methodology for administration
Questions? Recommendations Administer full-scale survey with
questions from content analysis
Possible recommendations
Communication Plan
Employee Ownership
Redefine employee roles
Survey Development Survey development team
P.L.E.Y. Consulting
Industry Energy Inc. stakeholders
-Well-known members of management
-Employee task forces
Preliminary Information Employee focus groups

Interviews with management
Review of company documents
Patterns of concern that could be addressed through a company survey involved:
- Job Satisfaction
- Job Stress
- Withdrawal Behaviors
Pilot Survey Total
18 open-ended items
3 close-ended items
Per construct (job satisfaction, job stress, &
withdrawal behaviors)
6 open-ended items
1 close-ended item
Roll out Plan Project Action Plan Content Analysis for Job Stress Revealed:
To decrease JS, Employees would like to see
less overall work load and an increase in resources P.L.E.Y Consulting Focused on organizational survey design and development
History of making positive changes in organizations to increase the bottom line
Based out of Chicago, IL.
- Able to travel easily
- Can utilize partner firms to expand resources

Industry Energy Inc. Recent consolidation of smaller energy companies into one large conglomerate
Identified unusually high turn-over as a key problem of the recent expansion
Request an organizational survey to identify causes of increased turnover
Literature suggests increased withdrawal and turnover may be due to high job stress and low work satisfaction
Questions? jjkk
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